Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lesson Plan Week 7

                                                   (You can click on the image to make it bigger if you are interested)                                                                                            MV = Memory Verse   CB = Chapter Book   CT = Character Trait   FP = Forest People  KNB = Kid's Nature Book

Posts showing in more detail some of the items above:

If you follow these lesson plan posts, you'll notice that I changed a few things up this week.  First, we are starting spelling words and copywork that goes with each word.  I wrote a detailed post on it yesterday where you can download the copywork for your own use, so check it out!

Also, we are officially getting to Ray's math book lessons.  Trevor gets the idea of how numbers work up to 100, so I think it's time to start these lessons.  We will do official math two times a week, while purposing to play a game or do something that works on math skills the other three days of the week.  Each math day we will review reading numbers on flashcards and also do a lesson from Ray's.  These lessons are very simple, they really just encourage manipulating objects to come up with the answers to simple questions.  I hope to have a post up about Ray's math in the coming week.
Science has also seen a change this week (and hopefully for the weeks to come!)  We are now going to do a science activity from www.pbskids.org on Mondays, read a story from Among the Forest People on Wednesdays, and do a nature activity on Fridays. 

If you want to see the resources I'm using, click here.  This chart really isn't an explanation of what we are doing, so if you want to know anything more specifically, just ask. 

What are you doing this week?  If you have a blog, put a link in the comments, I'd love to check it out!

Happy Learning!

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