Monday, October 31, 2016

Last Week for Early Bird Pricing on a Gryphon Internet Router!

This post is sponsored by Gryphon.
Gryphon Internet Router, Smart WiFi for the Connected Family
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Do you remember earlier this month when I shared with you about a new router that will help to keep your kids safe on the internet?  Well, I am excited to share that Gryphon is already more than 75% to their funding goal on Kickstarter.

If you would like to learn more about Gryphon and why you should consider using it in your home,  check out my original post and also these other publications where it has been featured:

Gryphon Featured in These Publications

If you have not reserved one, it's not too late. Go grab a Gryphon on Kickstarter now. They are extending the early bird special for this week only. Help them reach their goal and everyone will receive 1 FREE year of intrusion detection and whole house malware filtering ($49 value).

Protect Your Children's Eyes with Gryphon

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Protect Your Children's Eyes with the Gryphon Internet Router

This post is sponsored by Gryphon.  I was compensated for my time. All opinions are honest and I only share with you products I would use myself!  
Protect Your Children's Eyes with Gryphon
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My husband and I have recently come to a realization:


How did this happen so fast?  Did it happen to you too?

A big part of being a parent is protecting our kids.

A few short years ago we were trying to be good parents by not letting our kids put their fingers in electrical outlets or run out in the middle of the street.

Now my kids are 6 and 8 and I am quickly realizing that as they get older, protection looks a lot different.

My husband and I used to talk about sleep training, co-sleeping, nursing, and which order to introduce new foods.  Now we are talking about whether or not to do sleep-overs, how to explain how babies are made, and how to protect our children's eyes as they begin to use the computer (and other internet connected devices).


I think that out of all those things, the internet scares me the most.  It is just completely out of my control.  Even with good teaching and responsible kids, the internet can bring all kinds of unwanted exposure and temptation.  We haven't taken any big steps yet, but we know that some kind of filter, blocker, router, etc. will be necessary.

One such thing that I have come across is the Gryphon Internet Router.

Gryphon Internet Router, Elegantly Designed Wireless Technology

Gryphon Internet Router - Safe for Kids, Simple for Parents

Gryphon Online Safety from Pure Cinema on Vimeo.

Gryphon is a powerful yet convenient approach to online safety. Gryphon combines a high-performance WiFi router and a simple-to-use smartphone app, making it easy for parents to manage the connected home from anywhere. All security features are built directly within the router itself, eliminating the need to install additional apps on your connected devices.
Gryphon Internet Router, Simple and Social Design
Setting up the Gryphon router takes just three steps and a simple tap with the Gryphon app.  These things can be done on your smartphone from anywhere:

  • Grant access to specific websites 

    Gryphon Internet Router, Simple and Social Design
  • Restrict internet access during various times of the day (such as during sleep and homework), 

  • Monitor your connected home devices like thermostats or cameras to prevent hacking. 

The app even features a social collaboration tool, so you can work together with fellow like-minded parents to create a safer Internet for everyone, by recommending and rating specific websites.

Help Gryphon Make the Internet Safer for Your Children

The digital age brings a wealth of information and conveniences, but we cannot ignore the risks it poses for the family. 

Most children are exposed to the Internet at the age of 6, and 70% of them see inappropriate content by accident.

The average family has 10 Internet-connected devices and counting, creating new security threats and vulnerabilities. However, the existing parental control tools are too complicated to use and expensive with annual subscriptions.

The people behind Gryphon have worked hard over the last year on the design and the software platform and they have launched a Kickstarter campaign today for the final production of Gryphon. 

Visit to find out more about the product and support the campaign!

Gryphon Internet Router, Smart WiFi for the Connected Family

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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Classical Education Round-Up October 2016

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Hello friends! Welcome to the first month of the new, revamped Trivium Tuesdays!

My goal here is to share a collection of great resources from the internet (blog posts, videos, podcasts, articles, etc.) that pertain to classical education.  I will post a new roundup on the first Tuesday of each month and then you can add to the list as the month goes on.

Feel free to link up posts that you have written as well as any other helpful resources you find!

Simply Convivial - Classical Preschool

This is a great post written by Mystie where she asks the question: What would a classical preschool look like? She then goes on to answer that question drawing from the book The Great Tradition by Richard Gamble, specifically looking into what first century philosopher Quintilian had to say on the matter.

A few years ago I wrote a series on how we approached the idea of a classical preschool in my home.  If this topic is relavent to you, you might want to check it out too!

CiRCE Institute Podcase - Pride and Prejudice Book Club 

I love the CiRCE Institute Podcast!  Some episodes interest me more than others, but overall I have learned so much and have been so encouraged by these podcasts.  I recently decided that I would read Pride and Prejudice (I've never read it before!) and then I noticed that the Close Reads segment of the podcast was going to start discussing it.  Perfect timing and it will be good accountability for me!  Does anyone else want to read along with me?  We could discuss it here on the blog or on facebook or something like that.  If you are interested, let me know!

Authors on the Line - Captured by God's Beauty 

Here is another podcast for you.  I don't think that the podcast is being added to anymore, but I came across this gem from about 3 yrs ago that is definitely worth listening to!

In our classical circles lately we are frequently talking about Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.  As a Christian, I always want to make sure that what I am learning squares up with what the Bible teaches.  Of course there is no doubt that the Bible wants us to surround ourselves with Truth and Goodness, but what about Beauty?  This podcast episode is all about Jonathan Edwards' view of God and beauty.
I am always so prone to drift toward the black and white, pragmatic, efficient way of life, that it is always really good for me to be reminded of the worthiness of beauty.

This podcast interviews Michael McClymond  author of The Theology of Jonathan Edwards, focusing on his theological emphasis of beauty.

Classical Consortium

How about a little winter trip to refresh, encourage, and inspire you?  This looks amazing! Andrew Kern, Christpoher Perrin, Andrew Pudewa, and other great classical minds are coming together for a weekend conference!  It's kind of like when I went to the Great Homeschool conference and tried to make it to as many classical education themed sessions as possible, but ALL CLASSICAL, ALL THE TIME.  

How is that to get you going this month?  Now it's your turn!  

Link up any great articles, podcasts, videos, blog posts etc. that you come across this month, as well as any classical education related posts you have written on your own blog!

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