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Norwex - Cleaning with Kids

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The last few months, I have been smitten with a new product.  I was invited  to a Norwex party a couple months ago and saw this little cloth do amazing things.  I bought a few things, fell in love, wanted to buy more but at a discounted price so I became a distributor, and since then I have learned lots of things about it.  One of the best things is that...

Norwex cleans with just water, so kids can safely help you clean!

What exactly is Norwex?  It is a company that has discovered the power of cleaning with just water.

Their signature product is the Enviro Cloth which is made of microfiber that is 1/200th the size of a human hair.  These microfibers are amazing at picking up everything that is left on your counter/floors/sink/etc.  Standard towels and cloths just push dirt and germs around, Norwex microfiber picks it up!

Not only does it pick up the ick from your surfaces, the cloth's micro silver antibacterial agent self-purifies, getting rid of all the germs so that you can use the cloth again the next day.  No smell, no germs, just clean!

Pin ItSave Money:  You won't find yourself buying cleaners at the grocery store each week.  You also won't have to buy roll after roll of paper towel, or continue replacing nasty sponges or cloth towels. The Norwex Enviro Cloth pays for itself very quickly.

Improve Health:  You and your kids won't be breathing, touching, or accidentally ingesting chemicals because all you use is water.  Also, more dust and dirt are removed, reducing allergies and making your home a healthier place to live.

How My Kids Use Norwex

If you are like me, you have had toddlers who follow you around wanting to do everything that you are doing.  

If you are like me, you have had young children who you want to teach personal responsibility, work ethic, and everyday life skills.   

Cleaning the house is a part of all of that, but if you use chemical cleaners, your children are very limited in how they can help (and learn!)

With the Norwex products, it's as easy as grabbing a cloth, adding water, and they are ready to go!

No crying over spilled milk (or juice)!

These cloths are amazing at absorbing liquid.  My normal kitchen towels just push spills around.  This microfiber soaks up spills immediately, making it easy for kids to clean up after they spill.

Grab that dust!

Dusting has got to be the easiest the chore to start your child on.  I typically just give them a kitchen rag and let them wander around house 'dusting' for a few minutes.  It teaches them diligence, but not much actually gets cleaned since the rags mostly push dust around.  With the Norwex microfiber, I have confidence (and visual proof) that dust is actually getting picked up!

Kids cleaning toilets?!

My daughter is a little homemaker in the making.  She loves to help me around the house and often asks to clean things (when we are not doing chores).  She has been known to even ask to clean the toilet!  Of course I've always told her that toilets were a "mommy job" since it would either require using chemicals or getting your hands in icky parts of the toilet.

The other day she asked again to clean the toilet (she noticed a spot starting in the bowl) and this time I could say "Sure!"  See, now I have the Norwex Sanira Toilet Brush System.  It is a completely hands-free, chemical-free way to clean toilets!

These are just some examples from my home.  Norwex even has a kid's line of products filled with pint-sized versions of all their most popular items.

If you are interested in making cleaning easier, cheaper, and more effective for you AND your kids, I seriously recommend checking out Norwex!

I have really only talked about their Enviro Cloth in this post, but you can check out their catalog to see all the goodies they offer.

You are welcome to order anything you'd like through my Norwex site, but if you'd like to learn more about the products and find out about special deals and discounts, sign up for my Norwex newsletter.  (I promise I won't spam you!  In fact it's quite the opposite.  I just want to make sure that I'm only sharing more info with the people who are actually interested =)

I am having my very first online Norwex party this week!  If you place an order from March 1st-8th you can get the discounted party shipping rate, plus a special launch party discount!  

(This party is over, but sign up for the newsletter to find learn about the current specials!)

Click below and enter your email address to learn more!  Also, if you want to take advantage of these party discounts, make sure you email me and don't just order online.

Save Time --- Save Money --- Save Your Health


  1. We love our new Norwex cloth with silver in it that helps to clean the inside of the van windshield. It's been such a cold winter that I don't remember when the streaks would keep me from safely driving last summer and fall, but nothing else would clear the streaks except this product I purchased recently from my niece (sharing her Norwex wisdom).

    1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing your experience with these cloths!

  2. Norwex is an amazing company. I clean at home with eco-friendly products. Love their items. Norwex cloth cleans everything soooo easy. I was surprised first time when I saw it. Best regards!

  3. It's great that you shared your experience with these cleaning cloths. My kids love to get involved in cleaning the house. Therefore I try to choose also the best brands and more Eco products.

    1. Yes! I love feeling good about letting my kids help with cleaning. When it's usually just water and a cloth, it's even easier and safer =) Have you used any Norwex products before?

    2. No, I haven't used, but after all those positive comments I am gonna try them:)

    3. Well if I can help you out in any way, feel free to send me an email via the contact form at the top of this page!


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