Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January Sponsor Shout-Out!

I am so thankful for the sponsors here at Living and Learning at Home.  I love that all of them are great people/companies with great products that I can heartily recommend to you!  I want to take a minute to share each of them with you...

Heritage History

You've probably heard of this great company before.  Maybe you even have one of their e-book collections.  Well, I cannot get enough of them!  They have reformatted enormous amounts of amazing living books so that they are super easy to either print and read or read directly from your e-reader.  These books are categorized by time period and are the perfect supplement to your history curriculum.  If you have a book lover, there is definitely enough material in these collections to use as a curriculum in and of itself!

My new obsession has been printing and binding these books.  Hopefully I'll have a post up about that next month =)

The best part is that each curriculum set is only $24.00 and that is for around 50 e-books (plus 50+ maps, teaching aids, and a study guide)!  You can also get separate 'library' sets for just $19.99.  Until tomorrow, you can get the Early America library (over 80 e-books) for FREE with the purchase of any curriculum set ($24.99) if you use the code 'mazebugs'.  Just add both products to your cart and enter the code.

If you've heard about Heritage History, but weren't sure if you should get it, let me assure you that is it well worth it!

HeritageHistorybanner photo HeritageHistorybanner-1.jpg

My Book Boost

I'd like to introduce you to my newest sponsor, My Book Boost.  My Book Boost is a list of 150 books, ranked in 15 levels from easiest to hardest.  It is designed to help you find the perfect books for your child's reading level.  Level 1 starts with pre-readers and slowly progresses to take your child through a first grade reading level.  From the website:

Instead of wasting hours searching for the right books at the library, you can walk in, get the perfect books, and walk out in minutes.

I headed to the library the other day and came home with many of the Level 1 books.  My daughter had a blast learning to read the first book on the list.  This book, HUG by Jez Alborough, is an absolutely adorable book with only three words in it, so even the youngest of children can learn a few sounds (or site words) and read the book!

I will be reviewing My Book Boost next month, but for now, head on over and check it out for yourself!

Harmony Fine Arts

Harmony Fine Arts is a great curriculum if you are looking to add art and music appreciation to your child's life.  The plans are laid out so simply, with  multiple options for you to choose from, that it leaves no room for error.  Even if you know nothing about art or music, you will finish your sessions feeling like you enriched your child's day.

My favorite part about Harmony Fine Arts, is that it is set up to go along with the classical model of education (or really any plan that studies history chronologically)!  The curriculum is broken down into grammar, logic, and rhetoric stages, and then further into the different time periods of history.

We are thoroughly enjoying using Harmony Fine Arts this year.  If you want to know more, you can visit the website or read my full review.

A Big Thank You to All the Sponsors this Month!

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  1. Looking forward to hearing your review of book boost!

  2. Thanks Amy for the shout out! I am super glad that your family is enjoying Harmony Fine Arts.

    1. You're welcome! We are getting into a good rhythm of doing a lesson once a week. The kids are especially enjoying listening to the youtube videos that you link to for each music selection!


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