Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Trivium Tuesdays-Classical Link-Up #59

Welcome to another week of Trivium Tuesdays!  For those of you who are new here today, this is a link-up aimed at encouraging and informing other homeschoolers who use the Classical model of teaching.  Here we can share with each other and learn from one another.

I was excited to see so many new faces last week (not that I don't love all the familiar faces)!  It is always great to find new like-minded homeschool blogs.  I hope you enjoyed them too!  As a matter of fact, both the featured post and the most viewed post from last week are both new contributors. 

Featured Post

And Here We Go! - Our Homeschooling AdventuresSometimes I like to feature post about specific topics, or activities to go along with a specific time period, etc.  Other times I read one of your posts that is about classical homeschooling in general that encourages me afresh and reminds me why I have chosen to teach my children this way.  That is how I felt when I read Melody's post Why Home-Chentered, Classical Christian? over at And Here We Go!  She breaks down each of the terms in the post title, shares why a classical education is so important, and gives us lots of great quotes to mull over.  If you are new to classical education or if you have been traveling down this road for years, I am sure you will be encouraged by this post!

Most Clicked-On Post from Last Week 

The most clicked on post from last week was Homeschooling with Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers in the House from The Crafty Homeschool Mama.  I loved reading this post and found myself nodding along as I read.

This Week's Link-Up

Here are the rules:
  • Your post must have to do (in some way) with classical homeschooling (any age children).
  • Your post may be from your archives as long as you only post it one time on this link-up.
  • Please link to your direct post, not your blog in general.
  • Please place my Trivium Tuesdays button (found on my right sidebar) on your blog post so others can learn about this link-up!
  • It may be helpful to state in your link description what stage of the trivium or what subject your post is about, if applicable, so others can easily find posts they are interested in looking at.
  • Remember, everyone loves comments =) So don't be shy, and tell someone if you liked their post!

I reserve the right to remove any link-up that does not have to do with classical homeschooling.         If you are a regular here at Trivium Tuesdays and have something to share that is a little off topic, but still would be an encouragement to the readers here, please still share it =)  I'm referring to people who are just trying to get their blog more exposure without following the rules above.

I will visit each of your blogs this week and feature my favorite link-up for all to see next week!  Also, if your blog has a button I will place it on my sidebar (under Friends to Visit) for the week until it is replaced by the next week's favorite =)

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  1. There's nothing like visiting great art museums online, but I'm sorry I linked my post about the Rijksmuseum twice. ;)

    1. No problem, I can delete those sorts of things =) Thanks for linking up!


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