Friday, March 28, 2014

10 Things To Do With Your Child Before Age 10 - Ch. 11 Teaching the Trivium

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This post contains an affiliate link to the book that we are going through.

Welcome to another week of the Teaching the Trivium book club!  I am so excited to be reading and discussing this book along with you.  I loved the discussion last week and would love to hear from more of you! 

This week is going to be a bit different.  See, last year I did a whole series on this chapter.  At that time I didn't even realize that it was a chapter from Teaching the Trivium, because the Bluedorn's have it on their website, Trivium Pursuit.  I took each of the "10 Things" and wrote a post on it.  Then later I wrote a second post, following up to see how I was doing at implementing that thing.

I'm going to link here to each of those posts for you to browse through as you wish.  Feel free to join the discussion by commenting on this post or on any of posts below.

Thanks for reading along this week!  Leave comments here on the blog post, or share about it on social media (#ClassicalMamasRead).  I'll be sharing too, so follow me on facebook, twitter, or google+ and we can chat about it there as well!  Don't forget, if you want to share your thoughts about Teaching the Trivium on your own blog, link it up below so we can all come and visit!

Next week we will be talking about chapter twelve of Teaching the Trivium.  If you haven't gotten your own copy yet, make sure you check your library or order one soon so you can be ready for next time!  Also, this is a 600+ page book, so I am only touching on certain points of each chapter.  There is so much great information that I am not covering, so if this discussion interests you, you are going to want to make sure to pick up your own copy so you can read more!

Classical Mamas Read Link-Up

Did you write about Teaching the Trivium on your blog?  Have you been reading and blogging about another book (for you, not a children's book)?  Do you have a book club going on at your blog (once again, not for a children's book)?  I'd love for you link up here so we can all be encouraged by each other and maybe find another great book to read!

I think I'm going to keep this link-up ongoing since there aren't going to be a huge number of posts and then anyone new will be able to be encouraged by the other book reading ideas and discussions.  If the number of posts gets too large, I will fix it.

Please note, all posts must be on topic (about a book you are reading) and appropriate (think family friendly).

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  1. You are so hooked up to know all this and how to realistically use it now when your kids are young. I read this stuff years ago, but felt the push or urgency to conform to what we knew of the classroom and what is expected - and didn't just enjoy the chaos. Now, my three are 13 and almost 12. It's still possible to just enjoy them at this age and let them be themselves.

    1. I agree! I am definitely very thankful to be reading and learning this stuff early on. Now, actually practicing it day in and day out can be another story. Real life is always tougher than 'life on paper' =) That is wonderful that you are enjoying your kids as they enter their teenage years!


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