Thursday, July 3, 2014

Greatest Picture Book Bracket - Round 6

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This post contains affiliate links to the wonderful books that are a part of this bracket.

Thank you to everyone who voted on Round 5 of the Greatest Picture Book Bracket!  Here are the results (you can click on the bracket to view it larger):

As you can see, we are down to our FINAL TWO BOOKS!  Woo hoo!  We are down to The Tale of Peter Rabbit and Stone Soup.  Pick your favorite by either listing its name or number in the comments of this post, or by commenting on my facebook post (look for that later today).  Round 6 voting is open from today until midnight on Monday, July 7th.

You can click on the pictures to learn more about each book and even get a peak into them.

30. The Tale of Peter Rabbit62. Stone Soup

Alright, go ahead and pick the winner of the Greatest Picture Book Braket!  You have until Monday evening (July 7th) to get your votes up and then I'll be back to announce the winning book and also the winner of the $35 Amazon giftcard on Thursday, July 10th!

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  1. That didn't go at all the way I expected, but I'll vote for Peter Rabbit.

    My poor bracket just fell apart there at the end. ;)

    1. That's ok, I think you are still doing just fine =)

  2. I vote for Peter Rabbit! :)
    Question: I've tried several times to subscribe to get your posts by email but I think the button isn't working or something. Is there a way for you to add me manually? I'm catwise11 at gmail dot com.

    1. Hummm, I wonder what is wrong. Are you clicking on the blueish button that says "Don't miss a post" ? I clicked on it and entered your email address. Let me know if you do not start getting emails.

      Oh, or did you mean the RSS feed? If that is what you want, let me know I can see if I can add you manually to that.

      Thanks for voting!

    2. That is the button I've tried, and I just checked back and it must still not be working cuz I still didn't get an email when you posted Saturday. How strange! :(

    3. Ok, I think I figured it out =) I don't have my newsletter service send out an email for each post I write. I just send out an email once a week hilighting the new posts. You were probably expecting an email for each post right when it was up, right? Because I looked and saw that you are getting the weekly newsletter emails.

      If you want an email each time a new post is up, click on the RSS button up top (by the facebook, twitter, etc icons). You can put in your email address there and it will send you an email each time something new is on the blog.

      I should really find a way to be more clear about that...I can totally see why you would have thought that (assuming I guessed right) based on what the button says, but I never thought of it. If I'm way off base, let me know and I'll look into it more!

    4. Ok, I just signed you up via the RSS button up top for daily emails (well, not daily, but each time there is a new post). You will get a confirmation email. If that is not that you wanted, just don't confirm or unsubscribe.


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