Monday, March 9, 2015

Memorizing John 1 in Latin - Helpful Resources

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My children and I have been memorizing John 1:1-7 in both English and Latin as part of our learning this year.  The English part was not so hard, but Latin is a bit more of a challenge!  I am so impressed at how well my children have picked up on it, and it is so neat to hear them speaking in Latin.

We have found a few resources to be helpful in our learning and I wanted to share them with you.

Learning John 1 Through Song

Learning through song is always so helpful.  Our knowledge shouldn't stay in song form, but it is very effective for initially memorizing information.

Here is the song that we have used to learn John 1.  There are others out there, so search on youtube or Google if you don't like this tune.

John 1 Scripture Folder

Pam (from ED Snapshots) has created a great resource for helping kids to learn John 1:1-7 in Latin.  This file folder puzzle has 3 different levels for your child to practice what they have learned.  Children review by putting the words from the verse in the right order.  I love the version where they sit the words into the right sized boxes.  It is just enough help to encourage them on their way.

My kids did this last week and it was a good challenge.  My favorite part was hearing them sing the song over and over to themselves in order to figure out which word to look for next.  My son only did a few lines of the puzzle, but he must have sung the son 20 times!  What great practice!

If you are learning John 1 like we are, make sure to check out this John 1 Scripture Folder.

Listening to a Beautiful Presentation

This is a video of from Classical Academic Press of Christopher Perrin reading the whole chapter of John 1 in Latin.  It is a beautiful presentation.  Take a minute to listen.  You'll be glad you did!

Are you learning John 1 in Latin?  

What resources have you found helpful?

Do you have any memorization tips to share?

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  1. I love the songs! Those always make memorizing so much easier. Thanks for sharing! Pining, and I'll share your post on my blog next week!

    1. Yes, it's amazing what can be learned through song! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Memorizing John 1 in Latin is a wonderful idea! I love all the resource to help you and your children memorize it. :-)

  3. My little guy is still a baby (7 months), but as a second generation homeschooler and licensed teacher, I've been plotting out curriculum ideas since before his birth. Poor guy! ;)
    My question would be, if you're going to have your child memorize Scripture in a different language, why Latin? Why not the original Greek, or in a living language? I've read all the articles (such as Lost Tools of Learning) promoting classical education's emphasis on Latin (partly because before I got pregnant and sick I applied for a teaching position at a classical school). I'm impressed with the strong backbone of the classical education system. But I haven't yet been convinced about the necessity of more than just teaching Latin root words. I am already speaking Spanish at least half the time with Baby J, so bilingualism will (I hope) be his normal life.
    I realize Latin gives you the background for learning 5-6 other languages, but I would argue that learning any of those living Romance languages gives you the same advantage. (And you're able to use them to share the gospel with people, including with the memorized Scripture.) I certainly am not AGAINST intensive Latin study; I would just like to hear your thoughts on the "why" for your family. :)
    --Anna (


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