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Delighting in Latin - A Song School Latin 2 Review

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                                   This post is sponsored by Classical Academic Press.

One of my favorite things this past year has been learning Latin.  I knew nothing about Latin before we started last year, so I am learning right along with my children. What I love the most is learning how much of our English language is influenced by Latin. I am continually amazed at how many of our words are derived in some way from Latin words.

English just makes so much more sense when you know Latin.  I can't believe that I can already tell that after only doing 2 years of very basic learning...taught by a monkey =)

Here are a couple of examples of words that have me delighting in learning Latin:

Contradict -

contra = against
dico = I speak

Transport -

trans = across
porto = I carry

Do you love that too, or am I just odd?  I think I learn things better when I can know the "why" behind them, so when I can see our words broken down like that, it leaves me amazed!

In those examples, I probably should have given the infinitive (to speak, to carry), but I'm still learning, so I did the best I could =)  I'm sure you got the idea despite my insufficiency.

Using Song School Latin 2

Last year we used Song School Latin 1, so this year we moved right along to Song School Latin 2.  SSL1 focuses mostly on fun, familiar words and is a wonderful way to introduce a child to Latin.  When I got to flip through SSL2, I was amazed at how much longer the book was, and how much more content it covered.  It still has all the fun of SSL1, but adds much more grammar.

Each chapter includes new vocab words, a fun song, a grammar lesson, worksheets, and activities.  If you want a better look (or listen!) at these components, the Classical Academic Press website has samples of everything for you.

I am not making my son memorize all of the words and especially not all of the conjugations and declensions.  Of course you could do that, but I am looking at this program as a first taste of learning Latin and I want my kids to just be excited about it.  (We go through every chapter and practice everything, I'm just not testing him on the material.)

So far, it is working =)  As I sit here typing this, my son actually asked me if I could play the Monkey Match game with him.  I told him to wait just a few minutes, so now he is playing by himself on the other side of the room and humming one of the Latin songs.  No joke!

My kids both are learning so much and think it is so neat to see what derivatives we get from Latin.  When we are out at the store and hear people talking another language, I always think it is so funny when my 5 year old daughter says "Oh, they are probably speaking Latin."  I love that Latin is just a normal part of our life (not that we are any good at it yet!)

Another part of the curriculum that you can get is the DVD.  That is the kind of 'extra' that I typically don't get.  I figure if I'm teaching the lesson already, why do I need someone else to teach it to my kids again.  In this case, I would have been making a big mistake!  The SSL2 DVD is very much worth it for so many reasons.

  • It helps you hear the pronunciation clearly, if you are not already a Latin pro
  • It gives your child another exposure to the material, since it is something completely new
  • It gives Latin an element of fun, if they are not as excited about the derivatives as I am =)
  • It helps your child learn through multiple senses

The DVD lessons are short and sweet.  Each lesson has a few parts: new vocabulary, derivatives, grammar lesson, and a fun cartoon at the end.  Can I make a confession?  I've never actually seen the DVD.  Eek!  I feel bad saying that!  I may have never seen them, but I have heard them many, many times.  We have a built in DVD player in our minivan and I really don't appreciate having it there, but the one thing I will let my kids occasionally watch are these Latin DVDs.  I really enjoy listening to them.  The voices are pleasing, the derivatives are fascinating, and the cartoon at the end is really funny.  Here is a sample (so I guess now I can say that I've seen it!)

Song School Latin Giveaway

Here comes the fun part!  If you are looking for a Latin program to use with your lower elementary students next year, you can enter to win the entire Song School Latin 2 curriculum!  Classical Academic Press has graciously offered to give one of my readers the complete SSL2 program which includes:

  • Song School Latin 2 Student Edition
  • Song School Latin 2 Teacher's Edition
  • Latin Monkey Match 2 Flashcard Game
  • Song School Latin 2 DVD Set

If you don't win, or if you are in need of a different Latin curriculum, you can use code: LLH20 to get 20% off of any Latin curriculum (included the already discounted bundles!) at Classical Academic Press until the end of the month (7-31-15).

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  1. Latin will be my first purchase from CAP only because SArah Mackenzie's book isn't out until August. : D

    1. Haha! I've read her original ebook, but I'm sure this updated version will be amazing!

  2. No, I haven't bought anything, but I drink up all the freebies! (Don't worry, the oldest is only starting first grade this Fall, so I'll be paying up soon!)

    1. I totally understand ;) I hope you enjoy first grade!

  3. I have been planning on using Song School 1 this fall with my girls :) It will be my first purchase from CAP.
    I've been wanting to use if for the exact reasons you did - a fun intro to Latin!

  4. We're switching out oldest to CAP's Latin for Children this year from a different Latin program. We're also using their Writing & Rhetoric. This will be our first experience with CAP, but we're excited to try their curricula because it looks both thorough and fun!

    1. Sounds good! I plan on using LFC with my son this coming year and then starting back at SSL1 with my daughter. (She technically has already been through it, but she was really little and just along for the ride!)

      Writing and Rhetoric looks great, too. I will probably wait a year to start that with my son since he kinda between 2nd and 3rd grade level right now.

  5. We have used SSL 1, and this looks great!

  6. I have purchased CAP's Writing & Rhetoric Book 1 but we are yet to use it this fall. Thank you!

    1. I haven't used that one yet either, but I plan on it. I hope you really enjoy it!

  7. This is on my wishlist! Great review. Thank you for the opportunity. :-)

  8. We are using SSL 1 right now and really enjoying it! We also are using Writing & Rhetoric Fable, which has been a refreshing change after two years of Writing with Ease.

    1. Wonderful! I am glad you are enjoying Writing & Rhetoric. I haven't used it yet, but I plan on it!

  9. We've only used SSL 1 and my girls LOVE it! Simeon is their favorite! I've already purchased one student edition of SSL 2 but would love to have the complete set! Thank you!

  10. I am just begging some of the "A well trained mind" book recommendations. I was looking up ideas and found your blog which looks awesome. I think this method of learning latin would be an awesome program!

  11. We're beginners here. We'll be starting our journey this fall with my oldest, so I have never used CAP's products before. Although I have been tossing the idea of Song School around for a little while. Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. I will be using Song School Latin 1 with my third grader this school year. We have used other products from CAP.

  13. I read the Well Trained Mind over the summer and I've just now gotten into looking up a lot of the resources. I haven't bought anything from CAP before.....but I really need this set! I know enough Spanish and Italian to ask for a drink of water, but no Latin!


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