Friday, April 15, 2016

The 5 Elements of Classical Homeschooling

This post contains affiliate links. I received this course for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.

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Are you well on your way planing what your homeschool will look like next year?  Can I share with you a great resource that might be really helpful?

Jennifer Dow, from Expanding Wisdom, has created a wonderful course that gets right to the heart of what classical education is and how you can be a more classical teacher.  It is called The 5 Elements of Classical Homeschooling.

From the website:

The 5 Elements of Classical Homeschooling is a self-paced online course for homeschooling parents to help you gain the skills, knowledge, and understanding you need to cultivate a vibrant homeschool consistent with the Christian Classical Liberal Arts Tradition.

What I loved most about going through this self-paced course is that it nourished my soul.  I loved this quote that she shared:

"At the heart of a classical teacher is the heart of a co-inquirer."

My story, as it relates to classical education, might be similar to yours.  Many years ago I did a web search about homeschooling and stumbled upon a classical homeschooling website.  I was intrigued and wanted to learn more.  I kept reading and learned about the trivium.  I learned about the importance of great literature, teaching history chronologically, and memorization.  I loved it! I thought I knew all I needed to know about the classical model of education.

I was so wrong.

Fast forward a few years and my educational world was rocked when I started hearing words like scholĂ© and contemplation.  Now my idea of classical education is filled with phrases like:

Truth, Goodness, & Beauty

Wisdom & Virtue

Multum Non Multa

Festina Lente

Nourishing Your Soul

Ordering Your Loves

I still love the things that I initially learned about classical education, but I love what I'm finding out now even more.  The difference now is that I know I am still learning.  In fact, we are all still rediscovering the classical model.

Jennifer Dow has been through training at the CiRCE institute and has put all of her learning, studying, and research together in one place for us to benefit from!

Jennifer introduces a whole slew of new (or should I say 'old') phrases and ideas for us to slowly wrap our minds around.

The course is very deep, but is also very practical.  She begins each (self-paced) module with a lesson, gives us points and ideas to reflect upon, and ends with practical applications for you to start on today!  

This is something you can go through and then go through again and again, understanding it more deeply each time.  I recommend going through the course slowly, actually taking time to write things down and think about the things that she asks you to think about.  Your brain and your soul are in for a treat!

The full version of this course, including access to forums, live chats, and more is $225.  Learn More or Enroll Now!


More features of the course:

  • - 90-page Downloadable Workbook
  • - Private course forum to ask questions, discuss ideas, and receive support.
  • - LIVE Monthly Q&A and Discussion
  • - MP3 Downloads of each lesson
  • - Introductory Module
  • - 5 Core Modules (One for each Element)
  • - Each Module includes a lesson, reflect section, and practice section
  • - Bonus Module (Course Downloads, Extra downloadable examples of Classical Teaching, and a Bonus Lesson: ‘Principles at Work in the Classical Homeschool’)
  • - Engaging lessons that explain how each element works and how to think about it.
  • - Thoughtful questions and challenges to deepen your understanding and experience with each element.
  • - Clear explanations and directions for how to practice each element.
  • - Classical Liberal Arts Year-at-a-Glance Chart for 1st – 12th grades
  • - A list of skills and big ideas to address in each grade from 1st-12th grades
  • - Copious tips, links, and resources for further study.

Not ready for the full course?  Jennifer now offers a Lite Edition of the course.  You get to work through the Introductory Module and Module 1 at your own pace, letting your get a feel for the entire course, and equipping you with a greater knowledge of the Classical Christian Liberal Arts Tradition. As a bonus, if you decide that you want the whole course, you will get a $100 off coupon!

The Lite Edition is just $37! Learn More or Enroll Now!

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  1. That sounds like such a great course!
    I am also finding that as each year goes by, my idea of classical education continues to grow and develop :)

  2. I enjoyed working through the 5 Elements of Classical Homeschooling myself. Jennifer Dow created a wonderful course, didn't she!


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