Monday, May 30, 2016

Summer Reading for Mom

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Summer is here!  Well, at least the weather feels like it, and most folks are getting ready to take a break or at last change pace for the next couple of months.

That means that you, mom, might have a little extra time on your hands, or at least a different type of time.  Fewer formal school lessons, less time in the car taking your kids to and from co-ops and such.  More time enjoying the outdoors and watching your children have fun playing in the sun!  Perhaps you will even have a vacation in there somewhere!

I, to take advantage of this change of pace by making time to READ!

If you are anything like me, you do plenty of reading in the school year.  I read tons and tons of picture books, living books, children's chapter books, text books, teacher's guides, etc.  What I don't always get around to is reading books for me!

It is so important that we, as moms, are also nourishing our souls with good and beautiful writing, and continuing to pursue our own education.

So, what are you going to read this summer?

Can we brainstorm together?  Here are some ideas that I have, and you leave a comment sharing your ideas with me!

Books to encourage you as a teacher:

Classic Works of Fiction:

Easy E-Books to Help you Prepare for Next Year:

colour pencils

The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas: 55 Moms Share Their Expertise on 103 Topics

published by iHomeschool Network
(everyday value $5.99)

How We Teach Flat 900

How We Teach: the real lives of homeschoolers from classical to unschooling and everything in between

published by iHomeschool Network
(everyday value $5.99)
Homeschooling-what to do when you want to quit - Cover Final 800px

Homeschooling: What to Do When You Want to Quit

published by iHomeschool Network
(everyday value $5.99)

Preschoolers and Peace: Homeschooling Older Kids With Success While Loving the Little Ones at Your Feet

written by Kendra Fletcher
(everyday value $2.99)

Weekly Planner: With Meal Planning

written by Marlene Griffith
(everyday value $13.00)


Plan to Be Flexible: Designing a Homeschool Rhythm and Curriculum Plan That Works for Your Family

written by Alicia Michelle
(everyday value $8.99)


And the Word Became Flesh

written by Kathy Gossen
(everyday value $5.99)

Creating A Schedule That Works – Your Life, Your Schedule

written by Marlene Griffith
(everyday value $10.00)



published by iHomeschool Network
(everyday value $5.99)


iBlog Pro

published by iHomeschool Network
(everyday value $5.99)


The Cherished Home

written by Mary Clendenin
(everyday value $9.99)


A Life That Flourishes

written by Alisha Gratehouse
(everyday value $7.99)

Understanding Copywork cover

Understanding Copywork

written by Amy Maze
(everyday value $2.99)

Beautifully Broken: Finding Joy and Purpose in the Pain

written by LaToya Edwards
(everyday value $7.00)


So You're Not Wonder Woman

written by Melanie Wilson
(everyday value $4.99)


Schooling at Home

written by Misty Bailey
(everyday value $2.99)


Homeschooling High School: It's Not As Hard As You Think

written by Meredith Henning
(everyday value $7.95)


Homeschooling with ADHD

written by Selena Robinson
(everyday value $5.99)


Circle Time

written by Kendra Fletcher
(everyday value $3.99)

Do any of these books look like something you would like to pick up this summer? 

What are your suggestions for the rest of us?  Please share because I'm looking for a new book to start!

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  1. I love this list of books, Amy! We take summers off, partly so I can catch up on my reading list and inspire myself for the next school year.

    1. That sounds like a great way to use the summer!


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