Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Trivium Tuesdays + Homeschool Planner Giveaway

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Welcome to another week of Trivium Tuesdays!  For those of you who are new here today, this link-up is hosted by Living and Learning at Home (that's me!) and Classically Homeschooling and is aimed at encouraging and informing other homeschoolers who use the Classical model of teaching.  Here we can share with each other and learn from one another.

Giveaway: Small 2016-2017 Homeschool and Day Planner

Homeschool and Day Planner smGiveaway

This week we're giving away one of the small 2016-2017 Homeschool and Day Planner! It's 6 inches by 9 inches and the perfect size for tucking in your purse. You can keep it with you. This planner is able to track all the details of your life as well as your homeschool.

The Homeschool and Day Planner features:

  • Monthly Calendars
  • Weekly Calendars for tracking appointments and to-do’s
  • Homeschool planning pages
  • Note pages for brain dumps, lists, and notes
  • Place for daily routines
  • Planning Pages
  • Address Pages

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Featured Post from Last Week

How do you approach memory work in your school?  Sara shares her thoughts on the concept of Repetitio Mater Memoriae.

This Week's Link-Up

Here are the rules:
  • Your post must have to do (in some way) with classical homeschooling (any age children).
  • Your post may be from your archives as long as you only post it one time on this link-up.
  • Please link to your direct post, not your blog in general.
  • Please link back to this post in some way. You can use my Trivium Tuesdays button (found on my right sidebar) if you'd like so others can learn about this link-up! Button code: <ahref="http://www.livingandlearningathome.com/search/label/Trivium%20Tuesdays" target="_blank" title="Trivium Tuesdays"><img alt="Living and Learning at Home" src="https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEg6y8pMMmK-PuaiwV-fmISajX_7Bd6HYHA-Y64a4HgIYpE7qH4_NGNb9i2qxBsRFEJTyVoF-_MQUjmItgwNxTr3KxC1OKNo-MnBEkxM89HSuSpsoGpYXfkg84eOhSCVnfxDbup3pbghuusI/s200/Trivium+Tuesdays+-+2016+Button.png"/></a>
  • It may be helpful to state in your link description what stage of the trivium or what subject your post is about, if applicable, so others can easily find posts they are interested in looking at.
  • Remember, everyone loves comments =) So don't be shy, and tell someone if you liked their post!

I reserve the right to remove any link-up that does not have to do with classical homeschooling.         

If you are a regular here at Trivium Tuesdays and have something to share that is a little off topic, but still would be an encouragement to the readers here, please still share it =)  I'm referring to people who are just trying to get their blog more exposure without following the rules above.

If you want to be reminded of this link-up each week, make sure to sign up below!

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  1. Just starting, so I'm not entirely sure yet. I'm a "project oriented" thinker, so I'm doing as much basic planning as I can this month. Then I expect to try to set aside time once a week for putting those plans into our real life schedule for that week, then daily checks just to make sure I know what I'm doing that day and have the materials out.

  2. Actually, I'm a monthly planner. :)

    lesajm at gmail dot com


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