Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Classical Education Round-Up November 2016

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Hello friends! Welcome to another month of  Trivium Tuesdays, a Classical Education Roundup.

My goal here is to share a collection of great resources from the internet (blog posts, videos, podcasts, articles, etc.) that pertain to classical education.  I will aim to post a new roundup on the first Tuesday of each month and then you can add to the list as the month goes on.

Feel free to link up posts that you have written as well as any other helpful resources you find!

CiRCE Institute - Principles of Classical Education

Last week I had to write up answers to some questions, one of which was: Express your philosophy of education.  I am not used to answering that kind of question in a clear, succinct manner, so I wrote down my thoughts and then searched the internet to make sure that I was in the ballpark of the type of answer.  Thankfully I was.  In my looking around, I ran across this article from the CiRCE Institute and thought it was a wonderful expression of the Principles of Classical Education.  

Classical Copywork - New Site!

Classical Copywork has a brand new, completely redesigned website!  Head on over to take a look.  I'm sure you will find something that will enhance your curriculum!

Classical Academic Press - Education and Feeding the Soul

This is a great reminder that the goal of a classical education is not to get good test scores, but to feed children's souls with truth, goodness, and beauty.  Education and Feeding the Soul by Andrew Kern

"A bigger soul makes one a better friend."

Read Aloud Revival - Reading Aloud with Boys

I am a podcast junkie these days, so I would be remiss to not recommend a podcast episode that I loved listening to this month!  This episode of the Read Aloud Revival featured Cindy Rollens and was on the topic of  reading with boys.  I loved that they talked about reading books that build character, especially honor and virtue.

How is that to get you going this month?  Now it's your turn!  

Link up any great articles, podcasts, videos, blog posts etc. that you come across this month, as well as any classical education related posts you have written on your own blog!

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