Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Classical Education Round-Up December 2016

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Hello friends! Welcome to another month of  Trivium Tuesdays, a Classical Education Roundup.

My goal here is to share a collection of great resources from the internet (blog posts, videos, podcasts, articles, etc.) that pertain to classical education.  I will aim to post a new roundup on the first Tuesday of each month and then you can add to the list as the month goes on.

Feel free to link up posts that you have written as well as any other helpful resources you find!

Classical Academic Press - Digital Screen Technology and the Challenge of Contemplative Silence

This is something that I am keenly aware of in my own live.  It bothers me that I desire more "noise" (whether auditory or visual) during my day-to-day activities.  Do you think about this with yourself and your children?   This post, over at Classical Academic Press, remind you to make time for thinking...praying...being still.

Simply Convivial - The Best Character Building Program

Character building is something that I am always interested in, but I'm not always good at doing it well. =)  This article from Simply Convivial is really encouraging, reminding us that character building is done in the mundane of life.

5 Elements of Classical Homeschooling 

Did you know that you can get the 5 Elements of Classical Homeschooling in bite sized pieces now?  In stead of signing up for the whole course, you can take one module at a time.  Good deal!

CiRCE Institute - Who Makes the Better Student?

And for my podcast recommendation of the month...Who Makes the Better Student?  from the Commons by CiRCE.  The podcast starts out with the simple question: Who makes the better student: the nerd or the jock?  Seems like a simple answer, but of course they make my head hurt by the end!  The is an episode that I want to listen to again and pull apart, hopefully in a blog post so I can make all of your heads hurt too =)

This is what I've found this month.  Now it's your turn!  

Link up any great articles, podcasts, videos, blog posts etc. that you come across this month, as well as any classical education related posts you have written on your own blog!

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