Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Bringing Nature Study Inside with Canvas Factory

This post is sponsored by Canvas Factory! I was given a canvas for free, but not required write a positive review.  I am happy to share these great canvases with you!
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My children and I have enjoyed some great nature walks this summer! We have discovered birds that we had never seen before, explored shells in a small local river, and caught a garter snake, in addition to taking in all of the beauty right in our own back yard! Have you made time for lots of outdoor time this summer?  I hope so!

The weather is still fantastic where I live, but with the new school year starting soon I know that means the temperature will start to drop.  My children still enjoy going out in the winter and playing in the snow, but the reality is that they cannot be outside for nearly as long and there just isn't as much nature to explore.

I thought a great way to foster our love of nature during the winter months would be to bring it inside!

Perhaps you collected leaves, insects, or rocks this summer.  Why not display and study them this winter? If your kids were too active to sit and make a nature journal page during your walks, winter time is a great time to really look at the items that you collected or took pictures of and make some great journal pages!

Another idea is to go to the library and check out books on different aspects of nature for your children to peruse during the colder months.  The only problem that I have found with books like this is that even if they look great at the library, unfortunately they are often forgotten once they are home.

Then I came up with a great idea!

About a month ago, the good folks at Canvas Factory contacted me and wondered if I would like to offer you all another canvas.  I jumped at the offer because I am so pleased with the two canvases I have from them (they are still prominently displayed in my family room!) and want you to benefit from them as well!

A canvas holds so many possibilities.  I took the opportunity to create the 5 Solas and Gospel in a Minute prints to fit what is important to my family.  These canvases are obviously also fantastic for printing a family photo.  This time I went a different direction.

I wanted a way to bring our nature study indoors, that wouldn't get hidden away, and that would bring beauty to my home.  I wanted my children to continue to wonder at God's creation even when it is covered in snow =)

I did a little research online and discovered that many old nature prints are now available for free! I fell in love with these Natural History prints by Adolphe MillotI also noticed that the Audobon Birds of America prints are now available, which is amazing.  Maybe I'll chose one of those next time!

I also love the idea of deeply looking at one thing over and over.  We live in a culture of many, fast moving things.  Our attention is pulled from one thing to another, never giving one thing adequate attention.  

I chose a print filled with butterflies.  I think it is beautiful and I love looking at it every time I am near it...Noticing something different each time...Remembering something better each time...Each time more excited to get outside and find some of these butterflies on my own.  I will be thrilled if this print is working even just a bit of the same magic in my children's hearts.

Imagine your homeschool room, hallway, or kitchen lined with beautiful Natural History Canvases!  Your child will be growing in their attention to detail and appreciation for beauty without you having to plan it into a lesson!  Let their natural curiosity lead them and their wonder grow deeper. 

Let Canvas Factory Help You!

Practically speaking, these prints are simple to order on CanvasFactory.com, they ship to your home in no time, and are super easy to hang.  I love canvases because I do not need to fuss with the hassle or expense of getting a frame.  Frames can be beautiful additions to your home, but the reality is that for me, the simpler something is, the more likely it is to actually get done!  Once I saw the package on my porch, it was opened and hanging on my wall within just a few minutes.  That works for me!!!

Canvasfactory has so many great options. They even have a huge database of images that you can choose from if you are just looking for pretty art to fit your room.  Check out their website to see all of the options.  Here are a couple of ideas to inspire you:

Would you like to have a canvas for your home?

You will always get a great deal at Canvas Factory, but I've got the best deal for you this week!  Enter below to win your own 16x20" canvas!

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  1. Canvas Factory has over 25 million images so I'd love to have a beach scene on canvas so I can fantasize about being on vacation everyday.

  2. I love the beautiful natural items you painted! I could look at lovely art & read books all day long, if I only had time!

    1. I agree! I am thankful for any moment that I can sit and enjoy nature, art, a good book, etc!

  3. Love this idea! I have been eyeing the Cavillini paper printed with these images, but putting it on a canvas is a great idea, I hadn't thought of.

  4. I live that this giveaway is open to Canadians! You’ve inspired me to add a nature study print to our dining room where we do school — so beautiful and not at all schoolish!

  5. I want a picture of some sunshine, especially to look at during those long winter days :) I just love the outdoors !


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