Sunday, May 8, 2011

Preschool: Week 15

Day 1 - Theme: Rain

  • Color the horse coloring page
  • Talk about vocabulary word "downpour"
  • Read Rain, Rain, Rivers
  • Sing It Rained a Mist
    • We've been starting school off with singing time now, since that's something I really want to incorporate more formally next year.  It also helps since Mackenzie is often up during school time now, so that is something easy for her to participate in (and not distract!)
  • Watch the rain and make a downpour in the bathtub
    • This was the perfect week to learn about rain.  It rained so much that it was easy to sit and watch it and talk about it.
    • We took watering cans into the bathtub and poured them out like the rain.  Trevor's favorite part was making it go really fast like a downpour.

Day 2 - Letter: "O"
  • Color letter "O" coloring page
  • Talk about the sound the letter "O" makes
  • Talk about words that start with the letter "O"
  • "O" Trace and Build Sheet (template)
  • Scrabble spelling: "an" "at" "am" and "ant"
    • I also arranged the cards in order for him to read the sentence "I am an ant." Once he gets more words under his belt, I plan on using these cards to make more sentences let him put together sentences himself.

Day 3 - Number "15"
  • Count to the number "15"
  • Put fifteen stickers on the number "15" handout, counting as you put them on
  • Put 15 pegs in the pegboard, counting as you go
    • Wow, this was a struggle on this day!  He can count up to 15 no problem, but for some reason, he just didn't have the focus to count in the right order as he was putting pegs in.  To my shame, I sometimes get frustrated with him when he chooses to not do something that I know he is capable of.  Finally, after a little punishment for not focusing, he got it perfectly.  I knew he could do it and he was really excited to see that he could do it too!
Day 4 - Shape: Oval
  • Trace around the Oval handout
    • After he traced around it, we talked about how the oval looks like the shape of a face, so I asked him to draw eyes, a nose, and a mouth. I don't know why, but I'd never asked him to do that before.  I was super impressed at how well he did!
  • Practice tracing lines and circles on our tracing pages (scroll down)

Day 5 - Review and Activity
  • Review concepts from this week while putting the pages into the school binder
  • Activity - Making Rain

Happy Learning!

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