Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Garage Sale Finds

Last Friday, the kids and I ventured out to a sub-wide garage sale.  Trevor was excited because he had saved up 10 cents of spending money from doing his chores so he could look for something to buy that had a 10 cent sticker on it.  Unfortunately we only found one thing that was marked 10 cents and it wasn't something that would interest him, so he came home empty handed.  Luckily for him he recently got a 500% raise and now makes a nickle for each extra chore he does, so he should be up to 25 cents of spending money in no time =)

I have been hard at work planning out the details of what we are going to do next year for his 3 year old preschool, so I had in my mind to keep a look out for math related games that we could play together next year as part of our, well, math times.  So, I was excited to find one house that had some great learning related things.  I snagged these two items that will be perfect!

We've never talked about inches before, so the measuring game is too much for him right now, but he is already loving the Shape Shuffle game.  If you have any favorite math related games you have played with your preschooler, please let me know.  I'm on the look out for some good ones!

Then we stopped at a house that had a bunch of girl clothes.  Too bad Mackenzie is a couple of years away from fitting into them (they're size 3-4T), but for 50 cents an item I had to get a few things!  They are in perfect condition and are good brands, so I'll just put them in a bin and save them for later! (Or if you have a a little girl that's this size or will be in the fall, and would like to borrow them, just let me know.  We'd be more than happy to share =)

The trip was not as smooth as it should have been (one too many trips back to the car for Trevor to go to the bathroom and one extremely poopy diaper that ended up not completely in the diaper...thanks for nothing stupid disposable...for Mackenzie), but all in all it was worth it and I am very happy with our finds!

Happy Garage Sale...ing!

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