Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Science Activity - Looking for Tracks

A week or so ago we ventured out as a family to do another "nature walk" (Trevor can't get enough of these now and asks to go on them all the time!)  This time our goal was to look for tracks left by animals.  In the book we are getting ideas from, The Kids' Nature Book, it suggested trying to find out some information from the tracks (like how fast the animal was going, follow the tracks to see where the animal was going, etc.), but we just focused on the concept of what a track is and trying to find some!

We found some dog tracks!  Not exactly the sort of animal I was hoping for, but it was a start =)

Trevor was very excited to find these bike tracks, and I was excited that he was getting the idea of what tracks are.

Finally!  Some actual wild animal tracks.

So we didn't find too many different sort of tracks, but we had fun walking around trying to find them.  There were so many mosquitoes that we were not brave enough to venture too far into the wooded area for very long! 

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