Monday, August 8, 2011

Goals for the 3 Year Old School Year

Here are the goals I came up with for Trevor for this year.  They range from academic, to social and every in between.  Some are very specific goals, while others are more general.  I'm sure I have missed some key areas, but at least this is something for us to aim for!  

Goals for the 3 Year Old School Year:

  • Be able to write all Uppercase and Lowercase letters
  •  Be able to count to 100
  •  Be able to skip count by 10’s, 5’s, and 2’s
  • Be able to write numbers to 100
  • Memorize 50 Bible verses (this sounds like a lot, but I'm thinking one a week)
  •  Improve fine motor skills through arts and crafts
  • Improve gross motor skills through play and possibly a ‘sport’
  •  Be able to dress and undress himself well (he's alright at this now, but still needs some work)
  •  Learn to think of others before himself (not interrupting, not taking toys from Mackenzie, etc.)
  • Begin understanding the concept of addition and subtraction through manipulatives
  • Understand concepts: vowel, consonant, syllable

Now that I've written all of these down, it sure seems like a lot! All I know is that last year I completely under shot in my goals, so I thought I'd think big =)  Trevor never ceases to amaze me in the amount of information he can grasp, so I figure why not expect more than I would initially think!

See any areas I've missed? What are you working on with your 3 year old (or any age!) this year?  Any advice from mommies who have been there and done that with a 3 year old?

Happy Learning!

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