Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Science Activity - Planting Tulip Bulbs

Last week on Friday, we went to the first meeting of our new homeschool group.  It's a group of a few moms who have at least one preschool aged child, and are homeschool minded for at least preschool.  For the first meeting we let the kids play for the majority of the time while we talked about what we want the  group to look like.  We picked a theme for each of the next few months and will do a story, craft, activity, and snack having to do with the theme.  I am not much of a unit study or theme person, but I know it is fun for the kids, so I'm glad to have this opportunity once a month for Trevor.

We did do a story, activity, and snack this month, it just didn't have any binding theme (but it was still fun!)  I provided the activity this month, which I got the idea for out of The Kids' Nature Book  we use for our science/nature activities.  We planed Tulip bulbs in pots for the kids to take home and watch grow in the spring.  We talked a little bit about the seasons.  Which season do you see flowers blooming in? What season is it now?  Do we usually see flowers blooming in the winter?  We also learned a new term: bulb.  The younger ones in the group got to practice counting to three (each child put three bulbs in their pot).  Hopefully the bulbs will actually grow into pretty tulips in a few months!

Sadly, I completely forgot to take pictures during the meeting, but I took a few  when we got home...

Trevor put his three tulip bulbs right in a row, with the tips poking out just like the direction said to do =)

Giving his tulips a good watering once we got home.

Any tulip experts out there?  I've never planted a tulip bulb in my life, is there anything I should know so we can ensure we get some flowers?

Happy Learning!


  1. How fun! Glad you have some other gals for encouragement :) I just realized that I had been reading your blog, but not officially "following" it, but now I am!

    As for tulips, I am horrible with gardening and we planted a whole bunch of bulbs in the fall and most of them came up in the spring. As long as they get the initial watering they need, and squirrels don't eat them, they should be fine.

  2. Thanks for 'following' Tracie =)

    I'm happy to hear about your tulip success! Hopefully mine will work as easily. As soon as temps get a little cooler I'm going to move the pot into the garage, so squirrels had better not be a problem in there!

  3. I look forward to being part of a group...pretty soon!

  4. Jessica, I really love it mostly just to have like-minded ladies to spend time with and be encouraged by!


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