Friday, September 16, 2011

What our Day Looks Like

From time to time (just this morning even!) I have someone ask me questions like: How long to you spend doing school every day?  Do you really sit your 2 or 3 year old at the table to do all that school?  What do you do with the baby when you do school?  So, I thought I'd jot down what our typical morning looks like.  Some days are different (visiting grandparents, special church meetings, getting together with friends, etc.), but if we are home (and I try to purpose to be home the vast majority of the time!) this is how our day generally goes:

  • 7:00am (or so) 
    • kids wake up
  • 8:00am           
    • breakfast at the table
    • go over memory verse and read 'character trait' story.
  • 8:30am            
    • change the calendar
    • chores (I need to work on being more disciplined with this one!)
    • get kids dressed
    • exercise/gymnastics (sometimes)
  • 9:00am            
    • 'play time'  (Trevor and Mackenzie play together in their room with the door shut.)
  • 9:45am            
    • music time on the floor (using instruments we sing the Folk song for the week, plus whatever else we want to sing)
    • read out of chapter book on the couch (Mackenzie does music and reading time with us)
  • 10:00am            
    • TV break (current favorite, Word World)
  • 10:30am            
    • Mackenzie takes a nap (This time keep getting pushed later as she gets older.  If she happens to be awake for this she gets a few 'learning' toys to play with on a blanket and then during writing time and then can join us at the table with some crayons during art time.)
    • Writing and phonogram practice and review at the table
    • Art page at the table
    • Math or game on the floor (sometime Mackenzie does this with us and, of course, it is much more difficult and much less productive,but we just do what we can =)
  • 11:30am             
    • lunch
    • read 'science' story while the kids eat
  • 12:00pm             
    • play or run errands until nap time!

On Fridays I like to try to do something different.  Instead of any school time at the table, I like to try to have a nature activity and craft to do, or sometimes a play date, or really just anything special. 

Really, I am super flexible, I just function better if I can have something written down to use as a guide.  Sometimes if the kids are playing really well together, I let them keep playing.  If Trevor asks to do something (ex. writing right after breakfast) I usually go along with it.

I'm trying to be disciplined with homeschooling so that I can have good habits established as the kids get older.  I'm currently trying to figure out a better system for my cleaning type activities and meal planning.  I really struggle in the cleaning area, and as I was reminded this morning from a friend, it's really just a matter of me being disciplined enough to see my jobs through until they are finished.  Hopefully I will have something that I can share in regards to that area soon, in case any of you struggle there too =)

What does your day look like? Anyone have any cleaning/meal planing tips to share as I'm working on those areas?

Happy Living!


  1. Hey there! I am looking at structuring our day a little more so I am looking at your schedule for ideas. What do you mean by character trait story?
    And as for meal planning. I do that for every 10-14days. Thus I do a big grocery shopping trip every 10-14days. I usually just have a general idea of what I want to cook. I do not stick to my plan 100%: I do not plan for left over night.
    As for house cleaning. I was contemplating assigning certain areas of the house to certain family members. I have to done it yet. But I spend a little time cleaning most days. I find having the kids help me clean goes faster. (sometimes)

  2. Marika, thanks for visiting my blog!

    You can see the resources I am using here, It's the book called "Child's Book of Character Building." Each 'trait' has four short stories that do with it, we read one a day. I picked out a bunch of verses from Proverbs that have to do with character, we are memorizing one verse a week and when one of the traits is the same as a chapter of the book, we read the stories that week. Let me know if you have any other questions or if I didn't answer you well enough.

    I'm thinking of changing to meal planning for every two week like it sounds you do. I've always enjoyed doing it every week, but it's getting to me too much of a chore now that we spend more time on school.

    I'm hoping that my kids will one day actually be helpful with cleaning =) They are little, so we are still working on it, but I have great hopes for the future!!

  3. Yes, thank you for explaining. I will check out the resources. ;D


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