Thursday, May 17, 2012

Book Review - American History

I recently received American History: Observations & Assesments from Early Settlement to Today, a high school textbook written by James P. Stobaugh, to review from New Leaf Publishing Group.  I have been thoroughly enjoying reading through this text and am happy to recommend it!

First of all I love that it is history written from a Christian perspective.  I have personally never seen this and it is very refreshing!  God was a part of history, so it only makes sense to include him and the people's thoughts about him =)  The text addresses issues and philosophies of the times and helps the reader to think about them Biblically.

Probably what I love most about this textbook is the assignments.  They are mostly questions that actually make you think and write about what you have learned, as opposed to just guessing at multiple choice questions that do not prove a child has learned anything.

My only problem with this textbook is that it is, well, a textbook =)  The information is good, but it can only touch the tip of the iceberg on each subject and is not the most engaging read.  I think that this text paired with great living books on many of the subjects would make for a great American history curriculum!

Happy Reading!

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