Saturday, May 5, 2012

April Recap

We had a nice April.  We celebrated my husband's birthday and my daughter's second birthday!  And of course there was celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the Easter parties that go along with it.  I feel like every day is so busy lately, not in a bad stressful way, but in a way that leaves me wishing I could get to more things I'd like to do.  Do you feel that way too?  Mostly I'm just thankful for this particular (momentary) stage in life where I have the energy to be busy and children who are old enough to easily cart around (well, easily enough anyways =)

Here is my blog recap of the month of April...

Top 3 Referring Sites:
  1. Homeschool Creations
  2. No Time for Flashcards  
  3. ABC and 123
Once again, I am thankful for the great learning-related link-ups on these great sites!  If you are looking for some inspiration for teaching your little ones, go browse their blogs =)

Top 3 Posts Here at Living and Learning at Home:

  1. Paper Hats and Cute Corner Bookmarks
  2. McGuffey Copywork
  3. Painting with Markers

#1 continues to be a favorite thanks to Pinterest =)  I am thrilled to see the interest in my McGuffey Copywork e-book!  Thank you to each of you have bought it (only $1.00!) If you are teaching beginning reader/writers and would like a great resource, check it out!

Featured Blog Post:

This month, my favorite post comes from a new blog I have recently discovered, Homegrown Learners.  It isn't actually a post that I love, but a series she recently did called 10 Days of Teaching Music.  She covers everything from piano lessons to teaching music using living books.  She offers so many resources and recommendations, you'll keep going back to discover new things!  I've been thinking about how to incorporate more music into my (almost) 4 year old's day, so this series was perfect for me to come across right now.   Thank you, Homegrown Learners, for a great series! 

Hope you had a...Happy April!

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  1. Amy ~ Thank you so much for the mention in this post. I'm glad you enjoyed the 10 Days of Teaching Music.... it's something I am passionate about - incorporating music into my children's lives.

    Enjoy your weekend!


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