Saturday, June 29, 2013

Classical Curriculum - Arithmetic Workbooks Review

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I don't know what it is, but I am always drawn to what I call the "Little Old Books."  I guess it is the time-tested methods and the harkening to a better simpler time that always piques my interest.  It seems like these days, most of the current curricula for little children is either digital, complete with all the blinking, bleeping, flashing distractions that kids today have come to love, or in text/workbooks filled with large, colorful, silly pictures that are just as sure to distract from the material.  I understand that people think that these things will keep children's interest better, but I bed to differ.  I honestly think that those things keel children's interest away from the material and that we are not giving our children the benefit of the doubt that they deserve.

With that in mind, I was very pleased to stumble across Ray's Arithmetic books. (affiliate link)

Today I am over at The Curriculum Choice reviewing these arithmetic books, focusing on the Classical Curriculum workbooks.  Head on over to read the rest of my review!


  1. We love Ray's, too, and I had no idea they had workbooks! I'll definitely have to look into this, thanks so much for a great review!

    1. Oh! I'm glad I could introduce them to you! I think they are a good complement to the texts. Thanks for reading!


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