Monday, June 17, 2013

The Trojan Horse Book Report Pages

Pin ItWe've been studying Ancient Greece (using Veritas Press, which I'm LOVING!) and we are currently reading The Trojan Horse by: Emily Little (affiliate link).  My son loves reading the story, which really makes the legend of the Trojan Horse come alive.

When I read any book to my son, or when he reads to himself, I always like to make sure that he is really listening and comprehending.  I have typically done this through oral narration, but as his writing skills are increasing, I like to add in some written narration.

  • One page for each chapter  
  • Picture box to draw a picture about the chapter
  • Comprehension question with lines to write the answer

I love having my son use these type of pages because it lets me quickly assess his spelling and grammar.  I can give him simple pointers or corrections while he proudly shows me his work.  History lesson and English lesson in one, without double the work!

Please print these to use yourself, and feel free to share this page so others can enjoy as well!


  1. My son will be reading this later this year. These will come in handy. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Hi! We have already read The Trojan Horse, but I like your simple and effective notebook pages. What a great idea! I'm just stopping by from Trivium Tuesdays!

  3. I'm so impressed with his reading ability!!

    1. Seriously...I am too! I asked him to read this to me in the car one day, to save time =) I figured he would get through a paragraph and quit, but he read an entire chapter! His spelling is a different story. We will be working on that this year!

  4. Great work! I like the format which is easy for kids to use. I must say that you may want to check how to spell "assess" in the next to last paragraph. Thanks for your generosity.


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