Monday, July 15, 2013

5 Reasons Artist Study Should be a Part of Your Classical Education

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Today I am excited to have Barb, from my sponsor Harmony Fine Arts, here to share with you why you should include studying artist, especially in your classical homeschool!  Barb recently graduated her last homeschool student, and always has an incredible amount of wisdom to share.  For more great homeschool inspiration, you can visit her blog, Harmony Art Mom.  Don't miss the BIG coupon code at the end of the post!

5 Reasons Artist Study Should be a Part of Your Classical Education

1) Exposure to great art and artists creates texture to your history study.   

As you work through your history plans, make sure to include artists and their artwork in your week.  Learning about artists in a chronological way makes sense and ties many aspects of history and culture together.

2) There is no right or wrong answer.

Art is a time that everyone can express themselves without fear of 'messing up.'  Sharing thoughts and emotions about great art is a wonderful way to help your children learn to express themselves in words and new vocabulary, too.

3) Artist study balances out the more academic subjects.

Exercising the left part of the brain is beneficial to developing the whole person.  Artist study doesn't need to be another heavy course in your homeschool.  Keep it light and fun.

4) Art refreshes the creative spirit.

Nothing will inspire you more than viewing great art.  As your children learn about different styles of art, they will pick a favorite.  Don't be surprised if you see your child creating artwork in that style.

5) It simply provides an enjoyable way for you and your children to spend time together.

A few minutes each week spent viewing paintings together will be something that you look forward to as you gain confidence.  You can share your knowledge of art with your child or just share an enthusiasm for art, learning right alongside them.

Harmony Fine Arts Can Help!

If you need help getting started with chronological artist and composer study, please click over and learn more about Harmony Fine Arts.  I created the yearly plans to go along with our family's classically inspired homeschool.  Each year* includes artist study plans that bring great art to your home with little preparation on your part.  The Harmony Fine Arts ebook plans have clickable links to 4-6 paintings per artist along with additional art appreciation and art skill options to round out your year's art curriculum.

*Grade 5 features Ancient Art and you do view artwork for each time period, but no specific artists.

I am offering a big 25% discount coupon code for individual ebook plans to readers here at Living and Learning at Home for the next week. Use code JULY25 until 7/22/13 to receive your discount!


Barb has homeschooled her four children for the past 15 years, graduating her last child this past year!  She uses an eclectic style of homeschooling, flavored with a Classical/Charlotte Mason style to emphasize the arts and sciences.  She is the owner of Harmony Fine Arts and the organizer of the Outdoor Hour Challenges.


  1. This past year was the first that we added artist study each week and it was so enjoyable we are definitely continuing.

    1. I'm glad to hear that! We haven't been as consistent as I would like (we've been doing better with the classical music part), so hopefully this year we will be better =)

  2. Art study is so much fun, teaches history, is helpful in understanding philosophy in the teen years, and teaches kids that there is more to life than academics and sports.

    We follow Ambleside Online's plans and tips.

    1. Ha ha! Good point =) Great encouragement to keep up with artist study. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This looks like a great product. We have studied artists just a little, but have done it consistently for several years. I was rewarded when we visited an art museum on vacation and my daughter recognized several of the paintings we had studied.

    1. That would be rewarding! So far my kids can identify Vivaldi when I have classical music on, but that's about it =) We will keep up with the studies this coming year!


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