Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How is Your Child Smart?

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Today's post is sponsored by Great Homeschool Conventions.  They wanted to share this great freebie with you all!  Get yours by clicking the picture above or the link below.

Every child is amazingly unique.  Some children are great with words and others with music or one of many other gifts.  The problem comes when we start comparing our children against an arbitrary standard. We want to know "how smart" our children are, but Dr. Kathy Koch says that is the wrong question to be asking.  We should be asking how are they smart.

Dr. Koch is one of the speakers at the Great Homeschool Conventions this coming year and wants to help us understand and teach our children better.  From now until July 31st you can get a free download of her book "How am I Smart?" A Parent's Guide to Multiple Intelligences. This book will help you better see how your own children are naturally gifted and will give you valuable ideas to foster these 'smarts' for their good and God's glory.

I just downloaded mine and started looking through it.  I can't wait to sit down and read it all!  I have a feeling it will be a very helpful book for me =)

Sign up to get yours now!

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