Friday, November 8, 2013

Ultimate Spelling - A Teacher and Student Friendly Software for Learning Spelling

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This post is sponsored by Ultimate Spelling.  If you are looking for an innovative way for your child to master spelling, this might be just what you are looking for!

Digital communication has the tendency to undermine the importance of learning spelling as interaction with friends, peers, and colleagues is done through emails, messages and chats that often have a spelling auto-correct option. In addition, relying on these tools can result in fundamental spelling and grammar errors that can have a considerable impact on a person's academic and and professional life. However, not all digital tools have a negative impact on language skills. Both children and adults can learn to spell with the help of spelling tutor software, and one of the best spelling software products available in the market is Ultimate Spelling (a product of eReflect).

Features of Ultimate Spelling

Ultimate Spelling is an ideal software tool for learning spelling as it offers a comprehensive database of more than 140,000 words. Users can create individualized word lists according to their needs, or import lists from the Internet. The words on the user's lists are automatically incorporated into word games and learning strategies offered by the software. Word lists, flash cards and exercises can be printed instantly; this feature makes Ultimate Spelling a perfect resource for teachers who wish to produce worksheets for their students.

Furthermore, the cutting-edge technology integrated within the software means that users are offered an easy to use interface. The video tutorials and explicit guidelines offered by the software allow users to personalize and use the software without requiring any form of additional help and support (although eReflect does have an excellent customer service department). This stand-alone self-improvement software can even the youngest students to learn at their own pace without the assistance of parents or instructors.

Ultimate Spelling software does not only allow students to learn the spelling for a specific word, but also provides a wealth of knowledge about the word, including the definition, rhymes, and related words. Finally, the monitoring technology incorporated into the software means that users can track their progress and identify their areas of weakness. The results are shown in terms of spelling success, spelling results, and words that have been mastered.

Ultimate Spelling is a compact package and ideal for a range of users including school age children, teenagers who are preparing for college entrance exams, or teachers who wish to create customized lessons for students at any grade level.

To learn more, visit Ultimate Spelling.


  1. This reminds me a lot of which is $29.95 per year! I'm going to have to look into this for their independent studies. :)

    1. I don't know anything about spelling city, but Ultimate Spelling definitely sounds like a better deal, being a one time cost!


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