Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top 10 Posts of 2013

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Happy New Year's Eve, everyone!  It's hard to believe that it has been another year already.  I want to give a hearty THANK YOU to each of you who follow along here at Living and Learning at Home! 

The end of a year is a perfect time to look back and see which posts were the most visited.  This helps me because it shows me what YOU like and why you come visit me here.  (It looks like you mostly like resources, which I am happy to provide you with!)  It is also nice for you, because if you missed any of these posts, chances are you'll want to take a look.

Well, here we go!  Let's start with number 10 and work our way to the post you all visited the most this past year...

10 - Teach Your Child to Write - A Beginner's Writing Notebook

9 - Exodus Notebooking Pages

8 - The Classical Preschool - Read Aloud

7 - The Animal Kingdom - Science Notebooking Pages

6 - Help Your Child Capture the Story - First Grade Book Report Pages

5 - My New Favorite Tool - Simple Spiral Binding Machine

4 - American History Living Books - Free on Kindle

3 - 5 Days of the Classical Preschool

2 - Trace and Cut Pages for Preschoolers

1 - Cute Corner Bookmarks with Free Printable

Well there you have it, the top 10 posts from Living and Learning at Home in 2013!

I am looking forward to what 2014 brings and am excited to share with you all kinds of new things throughout the coming year.  You can look forward to more Trivium Tuesdays, book clubs, printables, curriculum reviews, and more!  I also hope to continue to work on organizing the site so that you can always find just what you are looking for.

Did you know that the very best way to keep up with what is going on here at Living and Learning at Home is to subscribe by email?  Even if you follow along via one of the social media outlets, you are not guaranteed to see what I share, so you are most likely missing out.  Click on the picture below to sign up to receive about one email per week recapping what has happened that week here at Living and Learning at Home.

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Happy New Year!



  1. This is such a great post! I love the corner bookmarks, and your Classical Preschool series is awesome!


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