Thursday, April 3, 2014

7 Vendors Where You Might Run Into Me at the Cincinnati Great Homeschool Convention

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This post is sponsored by Great Homeschool Conventions.

It's just a few weeks until the Great Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati, OH!   Can you tell I'm excited?

I'm excited to have a mini vacation.

I'm excited to be surrounded with like-minded homeschool families.

I'm excited to introduce my husband to the finer details of homeschooling =)

I'm also excited to browse the vendor hall!

I've never been to a homeschool convention before, so I have a lot to learn, but I think I'm ready!

If you haven't already seen, the Cincinnati convention has its session schedule out and also the list of vendors that will be there.

I thought today it would be fun to share with you what vendors you might run into me at =)  There are at least 300 of them, but seven have piqued my interest for one reason or another.

First of all, I can only run into you if you are going to be there!  Will you be there?  Please leave me a comment if you will be.  I'd love to meet some of my readers at the convention!

Here they are in random order......

Classical Academic Press

I love Classical Academic Press!  They are a sponsor here at Living and Learning at Home because I pursued a relationship with them after using (and loving!) Song School Latin.  We are almost done with book 1 so I'm ready to get book 2!  I'm also really interested in Writing and Rhetoric.  I think it's still a year or two off for my son, but I'd really like to take a look in person!

EBARU Publishing/The Violin Book

My daughter's birthday is just a few days before the convention.  She is going to be 4 years old!  Since before Christmas she has been very interested in violins.  Really, she is mesmerized by all beautiful music.  We got her a toy guitar for Christmas (because that is much cheaper) to see if her interest would remain, and if anything it has only intensified.  I'm pretty sure that she is going to be getting a real, pint-sized violin for her birthday.  Now, my problem is deciding what to do as far as teaching her how to play.  Do I find a book that I can learn from and teach her at the same time?  Do I enroll her in (pricy) lessons?  I really am not sure what do to, but you can bet that I'll be looking at The Violin Book and hopefully getting some advice!

LEGO Education

The last one was for my daughter, so how about one for my son?  My son loves all things LEGO, but we have never used anything in their Education line.  The simple machine stuff looks like it would be fun!  Maybe we will just have to get a little present for him =)

Classical Conversations

If you've been around here long, you probably know that Classical Conversations is something that I reconsider on a monthly basis =)  I have always been fascinated with the program, but something has always kept me from taking the plunge.  Thanks to lots of you lovely ladies who are a part of Classical Conversations, I have come to understand so much about the program and would love to learn even more!

Simply Charlotte Mason

When I first started researching homeschooling methods, I really liked the looks of both the classical style and the Charlotte Mason style.  I loved that they both incorporated lots of living books and studied things in a logical manner (for instance, history chronologically).  While I ultimately chose a more classical path, my temperament can always use a dash of 'gentle' so I try to keep the Charlotte Mason method in mind when planning our days.  In fact, I have used a number of resources recommended by have have really enjoyed them.  I'm looking forward to browsing through what they have displayed at the convention!

Lamplighter Publishing

I love old stories.  I love quality stories.  I am not very familiar with Lamplighter, but I've heard really good things!  We try to read out loud a lot with the kids often throughout the day and I'm sure we would enjoy these books.  I'm sure I will enjoy taking a look at their books!  Do you have any favorite Lamplighter resources?

Saxon Homeschool

We just started using Saxon for math (well, really supplementing the Ray's Arithmetic we are using) in January.  I have loved the dimension it brings to our day.  We have been going through the kindergarten curriculum quite quickly, and I'm looking forward to moving on to the 1st grade book.  I figure I can check to see if the prices are any good at the convention.  What has your experience been with convention vendor prices?  Better than you could normally find online?  Higher because they have you trapped?  =)  I'd love to know what to expect!

 Have I missed any good ones?

What are your favorite vendors on the list?  

 Where might I run into you?

Did you know that we really could meet at the GHC?  Well, besides just happening to run into each other at one of the vendors or in one of the classical themed sessions =)  They are working on organizing a Blogger Meet-Up so that everyone can meet in person all the names that we are so well acquainted with online!  It's still in the works, so make sure to follow Great Homeschool Conventions on facebook and twitter to find out the details when they are made available!

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  1. I need to look in more detail at what booths I'm stopping by because I've been in head in the sand mode for narrowing that one down.

    1. I'm in "head in the sand" mode for for a few things right now =) hehe

  2. Oh, I'll have to check out Lego Education for my son, too : ) What a blessing that there are so many available curriculum for homeschoolers to choose from! They may not be "perfect," but there is something for everyone.

    1. Kristina, are you going to the convention?!

      I know, it really is amazing all the resources that we have these day. It can be overwhelming, but you are right, it really is something to be thankful for!

  3. Don't miss the Rainbow Resource booth - their prices are usually fantastic. And definitely watch for booths that price match - I got a great deal on Saxon Math that way last year.

    I'll be there - I'm a Cincinnati native. I shared some of my favorite Cinci foods and things to do in this post:

    Enjoy the convention!

  4. Don't miss the Rainbow Resource booth - their prices are usually fantastic. And watch for booths that price match - I got a great deal on my Saxon Math last year that way.

    I'll be there - I'm a Cincinnati native - and I shared a list of Cinci food and sites to see in this post:
    Enjoy the convention!


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