Monday, June 16, 2014

Homeschooling with the Classical Method - A Video Interview

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A few months ago, Jady (from contacted me and asked if she could interview me about classical education.  Video is a little out of my comfort zone, but I thought it would be a good stretch for me, so I said yes!

In this video we talk about what classical education is and what it looks like in a homeschool.  If you are a new homeschooler, or just new to the idea of classical education, I think this video will be very helpful to you.  If you are a classical homeschooling pro, I think you will still find some worthwhile information, you just might want to skip to the middle after the parts where we talk about what the trivium is and such =)

There is one thing that I forgot to talk about in the video, so I thought I would share it with you here:

Why I Love Classical Education

When most people think of classical education, they think of the Trivium. Beyond that, the classical model essentially frees your child. That is why it can be called a liberal arts education. At the end, once a child has gone through the three stages of the Trivium, they will have the tools to learn anything they want and to communicate that knowledge in a skillful way.

What initially drew me to this type of education is that it is orderly…systematic.  I love how it encourages you to study through history chronologically and to inter-relate your other subjects to that study of history. For example, if you are learning about ancient Greece, you would also be reading literature and poetry from that time period….making maps of that part of the world…studying Greek sculptures or building structure from that time period, and maybe trying to make some yourself! In science, they would be learning about biology, studying plants and animals…the things that the people of the ancient world could see and touch.

Studying this way helps everything to make sense. I remember as a child, learning lots of things and doing very well in school, but never really understanding much of anything! Everything was so disjointed. I remember going to my first day of World Civilizations class at college and my professor started talking about the Sumerians. I got A’s in history class all through high school, but I had no idea what my professor was talking about! I didn’t know where this civilization was on the map, and I didn’t know if it took place BC, AD, or in mythology! I never had been given a basic framework which to work off of! I desire something different for my children.

Homeschooling with the Classical Method

Now onto the interview!  I hate watching myself on video, but it is worth it if it is helpful to any of you =)  Here goes nothin'...

Here are some of the resources that I mentioned in the video:
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