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Finishing Touches for Your New School Year

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Have you started your new school year yet?  We won't start for another month, but I know lots of you are already getting back into the swing of things.  Today I want to share with you some awesome resources that will put the finishing touches on your plan for the new year!

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All of these resources can be found in the 2015 iHomeschool Network Omnibus

Notebooking Pages

Have you fallen in love with notebooking pages like I have?  If you are not already familiar with the concept, notebooking pages are a simple, attractive way for your child to show what they know!

Here  are some great options:

  1. 100+ Notebooking Page Templates - These are generic and ready to use with whatever topic you are covering!
  2. Science Notebooking Pages - Ready to go for whatever science topic you are studying!
  3. Geography Notebooking Pages - Includes blank maps for each continent.  Lots of room for your child to write everything they have learned!
  4. 50+ Language Arts Notebooking Pages - Everything you need to help your child understand the elements of a story (plus lots more).
  5. Tornadoes Lapbook - OK, so this isn't a set of notebooking pages, but it's too good to not mention.  Lapbooks are another great way for students to gather information and show what they have learned.
  6. Wildflower Notebooking Pages - These gorgeous pages are almost too pretty to take along on your nature walk!  They are also too pretty not to use.  Just print out more if you get too much dirt on them ;)
Not sure how to use notebooking pages to their fullest extent?  The eBook, Notebooking Success, will teach you how to use notebooking for every subject, no matter what age your child is!

Total Value - $33.66 .............. All included in the Omnibus!

Fine Arts

Are you looking over your curriculum plans and realizing that you forgot to include are or music?  Don't worry, we've got you covered ;)

(Take a sneak peek into each of these resources.)

  1. Getting Started in Chalk Pastel Art - Don't know what you are doing?  That's ok, neither do I!  This step-by step manual will give you everything you need to get started!
  2. Sharks - Now that you've got skills, learn how to draw sharks!
  3. SQUILT: Romantic Era - Make music appreciation easy and fun with this great curriciulum!
  4. Teaching Music in Your Homeschool (MP3) - Get lots of inspiration for how you can, indeed, teach music to your children.
Total Value - $20.99 .............. All included in the Omnibus!

For the Classical Educator

If you are a regular here at Living and Learning at Home, you know that I am all about classical education.  So far, all the resources that I've mentioned have been items that you can use as finishing touches to your classical curriculum.  Here are a few other resources that I think you will love, because the classical educator part of me got excited when I started looking at them!

(Take a sneak peek into each of these resources.)

  1. Family Lore: Kindling a Love of Story in Children - Need I say more?  Every classical educator loves a good story!
  2. Introduction to the Classical Homeschool - Take a deeper look into different styles within the classical movement and different resources that you can use to teach your children.
  3. Modeling the Classics: Aesop's Fables - Help your child to be a greater writer by modeling the classic fable of The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse.
  4. The Importance of Teaching History to Our Children (MP3) - "History gives depth and meaning to our lives and shows us that we are part of a greater story."  Yes!  Be encouraged by this great MP3 as your tackle teaching history this year!

Total Value - $14.48 .............. All included in the Omnibus!


How can I not mention copywork?!  I have a slight obsession, if you didn't know that already.  Some resources I already mentioned include copywork, but here are some more for you!

(Take a sneak peek into each of these resources.)

  1. Latin Copywork: Genesis Chapter 1 - Find the Latin translation for Genesis.  This is a great thing for your children to memorize and use as copywork!
  2. Joyful Steward Planner: With Weekly Tracing & Copywork - Help your child plan their day and memorize scripture at the same time!
  3. Patriotic Songs & Sayings Copywork - Help your child learn the Pledge of Allegiance, Star Spangled Banner. Declaration of Independence, and more!
  4. $10 Gift Card to Classical Copywork - If you buy the Omnibus from a link in this post, send me an email and I will give you a $10 gift card to Classical Copywork!  It is my very special bonus to you =)
Total Value - $19.94 .............. All included in the Omnibus!


Do you have everything you need now, but are still looking for a way to keep track of it all?  Here are some great planners and organizational tools for both you and your child!

From daily planners to creating organizational systems that work for your family.  You won't need all of these, but pick one or two and you'll be ready to start your year!

Don't Forget the Little Ones!

Do you have little ones underfoot this year?  Did you get so caught up in planning your big kids' school that you forgot about them?  No problem =)  You definitely do not need a set preschool curriculum, but sometimes it is nice to have a little direction and to get some fresh ideas.  Here are some great options to choose from!

From babies to kindergartners, find an incredible amount of ideas and resources to fill their day with meaningful learning.

So what do you think?  Find any (or 20) resources that look like they would be the perfect finishing touch for your school year?  You could pick a few out and spend $10 or $20 to get them, or you could GET THEM ALL for JUST $25!

This week only, the iHomeschool Network is hosting our 4th annual eBook bundle, which we call the Omnibus.  

  • 124 resources (77 eBooks & 47 MP3s)
  • $754 total value!
  • Just $25 (this week only!) 97% off
  • PDF/Kindle/Mobi formats

Plus, BONUS DEALS from these companies!

Helpful Links:      Catalog        ---        FAQ        ---        Bonus Deals

This sale is now over.

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  1. That's a great breakdown of some of the many items the Omnibus offers! Even looking through the catalog, I didn't realize there were so many books on organizing. :-)


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