Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Trivium Tuesdays - Classical Link-Up #170

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Welcome to another week of Trivium Tuesdays!  For those of you who are new here today, this link-up is hosted by Living and Learning at Home (that's me!) and Classically Homeschooling and is aimed at encouraging and informing other homeschoolers who use the Classical model of teaching.  Here we can share with each other and learn from one another.

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Also, please remember to only link up posts that have to do with homeschooling using the classical model of education.  Thank you for understanding this link-up's theme.

Featured Post from Last Week

I've heard many people talk about the pros and cons of teaching our children ancient mythology.  It's definitely not an easy topic to figure out.  I thought this was a neat approach from Grammarlings.  Jennifer is purposefully planning on pairing the myths of different ancient cultures with Biblical truths.  What do you think?  How have you approached the topic of false beliefs with your children?

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This Week's Link-Up

Here are the rules:
  • Your post must have to do (in some way) with classical homeschooling (any age children).
  • Your post may be from your archives as long as you only post it one time on this link-up.
  • Please link to your direct post, not your blog in general.
  • Please link back to this post in some way. You can use my Trivium Tuesdays button (found on my right sidebar) if you'd like so others can learn about this link-up! Button code: <a

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  1. Thanks Amy! It is a hard subject, especially sense the myths are so appealing to us all. But I love how God has defeated those myths, sometimes through big things (10 Plagues) and sometimes through quiet things (Christian martyrs in Rome).


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