Monday, March 14, 2011

Craft Time! Tissue Paper Duck

To finish off this week's duck theme in preschool, we put together a duck craft.  The recommendation was to glue feathers to a duck picture, but seeing as I did not have feathers on hand, we improvised!  I am always for finding something I can use around the house before I hit the store to buy an item.  This time, instead of feathers, I decided that we would use tissue paper.  I always save tissue paper when I receive a present, and this is the kind of reason why =)  So, here is what we did....

I printed out a picture of a duck and colored in the beak and the feet orange.  Trevor then squeezed glue all over the body of the duck.  I ripped off squares (approx. 4inx4in) of yellow tissue paper and handed them to Trevor, who then crumpled them and stuck them onto the duck.

Trevor in action crumpling a piece of tissue paper.  He really enjoyed this part =)

I always try to let Trevor do as much of our projects on his own as he is capable of...even if doesn't look perfect!

A close up, detail shot, courtesy of Trevor. 

Trevor's finished project!

This was a fun, simple, and cheap project that mom and preschooler both enjoyed.  This method could be used for many different types of craft projects (think simple wreaths, picture frames, or mosaic type pictures) and can even be done with children who are a little older.  Have you ever done this type of project with your child?

Happy Crafting!


  1. What a cute idea! I may have to steal it.

  2. If you do, take a picture...I'd love to see what your kids put together!


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