Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Homemade Chapstick

A few years ago I stumbled across a recipe for homemade chapstick.  Since then I've made a few tweaks to the original recipe and have come up with a product that I really love!  It is made with quality ingredients that you can feel good about putting on your body, it is cheaper per tube than buying the stuff pre-made at the store, and best of all, it's so simple to make!  The hardest part is finding the ingredients, but with the internet, you can find anything!  I have been very happy with http://www.mountainroseherbs.com/ for all sorts of ingredients including everything that is needed for this chapstick recipe! 

This recipe makes about 20 tubes (.15 oz), which enough to last anyone for quite a while!  I love it because I only have to make up a batch every couple of years =)


1oz.   Beeswax
1oz.   Cocoa Butter
.5 oz. Sweet Almond Oil
1oz.   Shea or Mango Butter
         Essential Oil (for scent if desired)
         Vitamin E (for preservation if desired)

Using a double boiler (or similar contraption) melt together the beeswax, cocoa butter, and almond oil over a pan with simmering water in it.  When it is completely melted together, add the shea or mango butter and mix until liquefied.  If you are using an essential oil (about 10 drops) and/or Vitamin E (a few drops) stir them in just before you are ready to fill your tubes.

Working quickly, pour the liquid into your tubes (or whatever kind of container you desire).  I use a spoon to transfer the liquid, but I suppose you could pour right from the bowl if you are confident in your pouring skills!  The liquid will harden into the chapstick consistency your are used to very quickly (notice that the first few tubes in the picture are already hardening by the time I am finished filling the first row of tubes).

Happy Healing!


  1. I have been looking for a good chapstick and I think I might try to make some. You should sell them! I bet people would buy them and they make perfect gifts.

  2. Definitely give it a try! I'd be happy to sell them if anyone was interested, I'm just always nervous that someone else wouldn't like it as much as I do =)


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