Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Red Light! Green Light!

This weekend was busy.  We had a wedding that took up most of our day Thursday and Friday, and then Saturday morning I woke up with the flu.  Yesterday I finally started feeling better, so I knew I needed to get back into doing school.  We just needed to finish up our week with one "Gross Motor Skills" activity, and our theme this past week was cars/trucks, so we played a fun game of "Red Light!  Green Light!"  I thought it would be fun to use signs instead of just saying the words, so first we had to construct our signs...

Not my best work, but Trevor said they were beautiful, and they got the job done =)

Next we played!  Since our theme was cars/trucks, instead of having him run or walk I had him push one of his cars.  Trevor went down across the room into the hallway and set his car on the ground.  I would switch the signs between  "STOP" and "GO" and, well, you know how the game goes!

He loved it.  Really, he couldn't get enough!  He wanted to play over and over again.  I love how these simple things are so fun for the little ones!  I liked it too.  I like reinforcing following directions ("STOP" and "GO").  I thought he did a great job at this, well, until the end when he just wanted to "GO!"  I like that it was not only following directions, but following directions while distracted (pushing the car).  I liked that it reinforced reading the word "GO" that we learned a couple of weeks ago, and started to teach him to read the word "STOP." 

So, if you've got little ones, enjoy them this morning!  I know I often need to enjoy more and parent less.

Happy Playing!

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