Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Like Mother, Like Son

Trevor is a great little kid.  He is so smart and inquisitive and is a critical thinker.  At home he is loud and silly and always ready for what's coming next.  But when we go out, all bets are off.  He turns into a shy, hesitant observer.  This at times has frustrated me, but it has become obvious that he is that way because of ME.  I will take him to the play place at the mall, but if there are too many kids there he just wants to sit on the edge and watch.  When we had family over for Mackenzie's birthday party he did well for a while, but by the end he say saying "Mama, I just want to go home."  We went to a friend's house to swim last night, but he just wanted to sit on the edge and put his feet in.

It hit me last night how similar we are when I realized that I was mentally exhausted from being out around people that I am not used to being with all the time.  It's like the Myers-Briggs personality test type question, "After prolonged periods of socialization, you feel like you need to get away and be alone."  YES! It's not that I don't thoroughly enjoy spending time with people, but after a while I find myself, like Trevor, saying "I just want to go home."

It's so interesting to think about how people are so different, but I'm glad that my son is so much like me =)

My little observer...how I love you.

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