Monday, April 22, 2013

Birthday Thank You Note Copywork

My baby girl turned 3 this past weekend!  How did she get to be so old?!?  We had a really nice time celebrating her young life and she was so excited about the whole thing =)  We had some close family members over for dinner and they were more than generous, showering her with many PINK gifts.  Yes, I've got a girly girl, which I love!

Mackenzie got about a dozen new dresses, a play table to go with the kitchen in her room, lots of bracelets and hair clips, some wooden dress-up dolls, a puzzle, and more!  With all these wonderful new gifts, we've got some thank you notes to write!

I made up this "Thank you for my gift!" copywork page to help her be involved in the appreciation showing too.  If you have a beginning writer with a birthday coming up, you might benefit from this too!  Please feel free to use download and print this page all you'd like.

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  • Write the recipients name on the top line
  • Have your child copy the sentence "Thank you for my gift!"
  • Use the lines below to write anything else you would like to include (We just loved seeing you and your new little one!  Thanks for bringing a salad!  Lulu just LOVES her new doll!  Hope to see you again soon!  etc.)
  • Have your child practice writing his or her name on the bottom line

I think taking the time to write thank you notes is such a great way to show appreciation to the gift-givers.  I always love hearing that the child I give a gift to actually enjoys what I gave them =)  Possibly most importantly, it is a great opportunity to have your child slow down and truly be thankful for each gift and each gift giver, learning the skill of thank you note writing along the way!  

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