Friday, April 19, 2013

The Joys of Springtime

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Yesterday was a beautiful day.  It was the first day with temperatures in the 70s here in Michigan.  In the afternoon it rained, like any good spring day should =)  My children got to go out into our yard when the rain calmed into a sprinkle and do what children love to in the mud!  After a few minutes, my son came running to the door, popped his head in, and said this fine bit of wisdom to me...

"Mom, I've got two situations.  1: rain makes the flowers grow.  That is situation 1.  The other situation is this: mud is fun for playing in."

  • LOVE these observation (er, 'situations') from a 4 year old boy.
  • LOVE the learning that comes when children can get their hands dirty playing outside!
  • LOVE the joys of springtime!

Happy Spring!

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