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Classical Mamas Read - The Well Trained Mind Ch. 21-22

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Welcome back to Classical Mamas Read!  I'm excited to be back here with you today to discuss chapters 21 and 22 of The Well Trained MindIf you want to take a look back at our previous discussions, click the picture above to take you to a list of each chapter we have talked about.

Please let me know if you have been enjoying this series and if you would like me to continue.  Also, I'd love to have some book suggestion from anyone wanting to continue!

Today we are going to talk about art and using electronics.  While I highlight the main points in the chapters, and bring up questions as well as things that are interesting to me, I can't recommend to you enough to get the book for yourself.  It is over 800 pages and is filled with details and recommendations that I cannot even begin to touch on here!

Ch. 21 - The History of Creativity: Art and Music (logic stage)

  • In the logic stage, you will tie art appreciation in more to history.

  • Your child will begin to analyze (not just observe) the art and music they are studying.

  • You will primarily provide the resources and support, while your child does the work mostly themselves.

  • The book suggests doing art appreciation in the late afternoon or evening.

    • I don't have logic stage students, but art/music study sounds like a nice quiet time activity in the afternoon.  We have a 1-2 hour block of quiet time almost each afternoon.  My daughter still naps, but my son reads for an hour and then plays quietly.  As they grow, I could see them doing things like art appreciation during this quiet time.

How often and at what time of the day do you do art/music appreciation?

  • Art has two components: Learning to make art and Art appreciation.  Here are some recommended resources...

  • Music also has two components: Learning to make music and Music appreciation.  

    • Have your children learned to play an instrument?
    • The book gives a great list of musicians and artists along with their years so you can easily match them to your history studies.

Ch. 22. - Magic Boxes: Using Computers and Videos

  • Their stance on using electronics for learning is mostly the same as it was for the grammar stage.  Keep in mind  that electronics are easier than books and teach with images, not words.

  • Videos encourage passive engagement, while the logic stage is all about critical analysis.

  •  We personally like to use electronics as entertainment, not as a part of our teaching tools (though, remember I do not have logic stage students yet, so I don't know if that will change!)

  • Software 

    • Try to use it for subjects that are visual anyways (geography, anatomy, etc.)

    • Don't substitute the computer for reading or writing.

  • Internet

    • Be wise.  Don't waste time.

    • Use it for reputable sources like encyclopedias, journals, etc.

    • I've been thinking about the internet a lot lately as my children are getting more interested in it...

How do you manage internet usage in your home?  How do you encourage internet safety?

  • Videos

    • For literature, read the stories first, then enhance it with a video afterward. (With the exception of plays, which were designed to be seen, not read)

    • Videos are great for language immersion if you child is studying a foreign language.

That wraps up these two chapters.  Next week will be our last week in The Well  Trained Mind, finishing the logic stage.  Interest has gone down since we finished the grammar stage, so I don't think that doing the rhetoric stage right now would be of interest to many people.  I'd like to pick a new book, so make sure you let me know if there is one you would be interested in discussing!

If you don't have the book already, you can look for it at your library or get it on amazon. (The Well Trained Mind)

If you are behind, feel free to still comment on the previous discussions.  If you want to be emailed when someone makes a comment, make sure to click "Subscribe by Email" right under the comment box (right hand side), so you won't miss out on any discussion!

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I think I'm going to keep this link-up ongoing since there aren't going to be a huge number of posts and then anyone new will be able to be encouraged by the other book reading ideas and discussions.  If the number of posts gets too large, I will fix it.

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