Monday, September 30, 2013

Honor Copyright Awareness Week

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This week, the ladies at the iHomeschool Network are coming together to promote awareness about copyright laws.

These days, with so many digital files around (ebooks, curriculum, printables, etc.), violating copyright law is easier than ever.  I'm sure that not many people intend to violate these laws, but the reality is that files get shared illegally all the time.

The goal of this week is to share knowledge.  Each day will have it's own theme.

  • Monday: Copyright Basics
  • Tuesday: How to Share "Freebies"
  • Wednesday: Teaching our Kids About Piracy
  • Thursday: Hangout with iHomeschool Network
  • Friday: What to do if...

This issue affects me greatly, not only because of the free printables offered here at Living and Learning at Home, but also because of all the copywork I sell at Classical Copywork.  My desire is to create great resources for you all to use, but those things take a lot of time to create, publish, market, etc. so it's really sad when people think that they can do whatever they want with a product just because it is digital.  Therefore, I am committed to learning more about copyright this week and hopefully spreading that knowledge to all of you!

Will you pledge to learn more about copyright and to examine your sharing practices?  

If so, come join me in signing this #honorcopyright pledge!

Please visit iHomeschool Network to learn more!

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