Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Take Your Blog to the Next Level

Pin ItI know many of you who read here at Living and Learning at Home are homeschoolers, but I know that some of you are bloggers too!

Some people blog purely for the outlet of expressing themselves and others to provide a place for their family to keep up with growing children, but some of you really love building your blog and want to take it to the next level.

This post is for you!

Becoming a Professional Blogger

A professional blogger is someone who treats their blog like a business.  She is committed to it (as
opposed to only writing when she feels like it), purposefully tries to promote it, and seeks out ways to make money from it.

There are so many things to consider when becoming a professional blogger.  Instead of purely having a hobby, you now have to think about things like taxes, sponsors, keeping up with social media, HTML, and time management.

You can learn these things through countless hours of internet searching and many headaches, but there is a better way =)

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iBlog Pro to the Rescue

Some of my friends and I (from the iHomeschool Network) came together to write a book that can help you understand everything you need to know about becoming a professional blogger.  None of us knows everything, but with each of us contributing our expertise on the topic, we've come up with a pretty great book called iBlog Pro, taking your blog to the next level.

Are you reading this, wondering if you are quite ready for this step in your blogging, you might first want to start with the original iBlog. 

If you are a blogger that desires to grow your blog, I know this this book will be a blessing to you.  I hope you will check it out!

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  1. Found you through the iBlog contributor page... This book looks like amazing! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Well thanks for stopping by, Susanne! The book is really super helpful!


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