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Why You Should Take Your Whole Family to the Cincinnati Great Homeschool Convention

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I seriously can't believe that spring is upon us and that means that it is convention time!  Will you be going to a homeschool convention this year?  I'm really excited to be going to my first one this spring.  I'll be at the Great Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati.

If you want to go to a homeschool convention, you need to decide who is going to go.  Is this going to be a girl's getaway for a few of your closest friends?  Are you going to go by yourself and be super productive with nothing to distract you?  Are you and your husband going to make a long date out of it?  Or are you going to take your whole family?  I'm going to talk today about why it's a great idea to take your whole family (specifically to the Great Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati, but some pf these will apply to any homeschool conference)!

Kids are included!

First and foremost, I think it's wonderful that kids are welcomed at the Great Homeschool Conventions!  When you buy your ticket, you have the option of purchasing an individual pass or a family pass.  The family pass is only a few dollars more than the individual pass and if you are going with your husband you are already getting the family pass anyways.  Bringing the kids along is no extra money!  (Try asking if your kids can come free next time you go to the zoo! Not gonna happen =)

Now you have a choice.  Do you have your children stay with you or do you enroll them in the kid's program (there is an extra fee for this)?  If you know me, I love having my kids with me in church and things like that.  I also see the benefit of being able to give your full attention to the speakers at these once-a-year type of opportunities.  Really, you decide what is best for your family.  Either way is a great choice!

Special Sessions for Teens

Do you have teenagers?  Just like with the younger ones, they are also included  in the family pass.  The folks are Great Homeschool Conventions know that your teenagers are beginning to face a new set of challenges and are also growing in their knowledge and maturity.  There is a special Teen Track that you can register for older kids for (of course they can also stay with you and learn from the regular sessions as well).  They have a session specifically for them during the adult sessions.

Good, Clean, Family Fun with Mark Lowery!

Do you often find the chance to have some good, clean fun with your family?  That is often hard to find in our everyday life.  Comedy Night at the Great Homeschool Conventions is a great excuse to take a break and enjoy laughing with your spouse and kids!  (Mark Lowery will be the comedian at the Cincinnati convention.)

Turn the Convention into a Field Trip!

Wherever you find yourself during convention season this year, why don't you add an extra day (or skip a session...shhhh) and find something fun and educational to do with your family.  For instance, if you are going to the Cincinnati convention like me, you could take a trip to the Creation Museum.  Just across the border into Kentucky, the Creation Museum is only 20 minutes from the convention center.  Personally, that is a place I have wanted to go to for a long time, so missing out on this great chance for a field trip with my family is not something I want to do!

Can you think of any other great field trips for the Cincinnati area?

Making Friends

Believe me, I'm not trying to say that homeschool kids are not socialized ;) but come's always fun to be with a very large number of other people who all have something in common with you!  I have fond memories (as I'm sure you do) of reuniting with the same group of kids at a family camp each summer when I was growing up.  Your kids could meet some very special friends and start life-long friendships!

Or maybe you are in an area where there are not many other homeschoolers.  Maybe your child hears criticism from friends or extended family about your means of education.  It would certainly be an encouragement to them to be surrounded by so many supporters

Family Bonding

Last but not least, what is better for bonding with your family than doing something out of the ordinary together?  A road trip, a hotel stay, eating meals together, talking about what you've learned at the convention...all wonderful ways to bond with your family.  I promise you will leave encouraged if you attend the Great Homeschool Conference together as a family!

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