Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Trevor has been in love with Valentine's Day ever sense he watched a Valentine's Day episode of Caillou a few months ago.  I'm not sure what caught this attention, but he will now randomly hand us an object (it doesn't have to be a heart) and say "Happy Valentine's Day!"  It really is very sweet.

This has been a really fun year in our household, because for the  first time Trevor is understanding things like holidays and it's fun to see his excitement.  Getting excited for holidays is something new for us.  Tim and I have never been a very traditional couple.  We didn't really date before we were engaged, we still don't go out on actual dates, and we don't make any sort of deal out of "commercial" holidays.  I acknowledge there are positives and negatives to this, but that is just how we are.  So, like you may have guessed, we don't do anything for Valentine's least we haven't until now!

Ok, so I definitely didn't go all out for today, but I have been hyping Valentine's Day up for the past couple of weeks.  A few weeks ago, during our cookie theme for preschool, we made cookies.  I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone, so we made heart shaped cookies.  I promptly put them in the freezer so we could save them for today (don't ask why there was only ONE cookie left for Trevor today =) He thoroughly enjoyed eating his large heart cookie today after lunch!

Last week we took some time one day to make valentines.  I cut hearts and Trevor decorated them with stickers and drew on them with crayons.  Here is our finished product...

It's been fun seeing the holiday through a child's eyes.  So, from my home to yours, we wish you a very happy Valentine's Day!

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