Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Preschool - All about the Moon

This week in school our theme is the moon.  I asked Trevor what he knew about the moon and he said something like this..."When it's in the sky, and it's time to go to bed, and it's dark out and it get's light!"  I thought that was a pretty all-encompassing definition =)  While he colored his moon coloring page I explained to him that the moon is round, but sometimes it doesn't look round.  Sometimes there is a shadow on the moon and it makes it look like a crescent.  We looked at the shadows that our hands were casting on the table and took turns making our hand-shadows cover up part of the moon.  We talked about the terms "full-moon" and "crescent-moon."  The best part came next, we turned it into an object lesson.  I think the best object lessons are the ones that you can eat.  Today we ate the moon.

Our full-moon cake lighting up the night sky!

 We cut the moon into a crescent and got to enjoy some cake!
(I even hid spinach in the cake and you would never know!)

Next we recited the nursery rhyme "Hey Diddle Diddle."  I told Trevor that we would listen to the rhyme as a song and he could pretend to be the cow.  We got out our big exercise ball (the moon) and listened for the part about the cow jumping over the moon.  Each time he heard it, I jumped him over the ball.  It's really neat how something so simple can bring a preschooler so much joy!

Trevor pretending to jump over the moon.
(Never mind that he's still in his PJ's!)

Happy Learning!


  1. I saw this post and was interested because our girl is very interested in the moon right now! I love doing multiple activities with one theme! Thanks!

    1. I can't believe that this was almost 2 years ago! I'm pretty sure you guys have one of those exercise balls, right? You could have your little girl pretend to jump over it (to the song) too...I bet she'd love it =)


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