Saturday, February 12, 2011

Preschool - Ideas and Wish List for Next Year

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I think I love the planning part of school more than the actual teaching part =) So, of course my mind is always thinking ahead to what kind of things I want to formally include in school next year. Here are my ideas as of now and the things that I'm wishing for!

3 Year Old Preschool Wish List

Writing Road to Reading 5th Rev Ed: The Spalding Method for Teaching Speech, Spelling, Writing, and Reading (Harperresource Book)

3 Year Old Preschool Ideas

Reading/Writing - Text: The Writing Road to Reading

  • Prewriting Skills
    • Teach the positions on the clock
    • Teach the concept of "midpoint"

  •  Letter of the Day
    • Capital and Lowercase Recognition
    • Reinforce the sounds each letter can make
      • Flashcards
      • Visually identifying objects that begin with each sound
    • Early Writing Skills

  • Story Time

Early Math
  • Addition/Subtraction (Introduce the concept using manipulatives)
  • Counting by 2's and 5's 
  • Money (identifying coins and bills)

The Arts

  • Fine Motor Skills
    • Cutting lines
    • Coloring in the lines
    • Drawing lines
    • Gluing

  • MusicHohner 6 Piece Rhythm Instrument Set
    • Singing songs
    • Using instruments 

  • Memorization
    • Poems
    • Acting

  • Clock
  • Calander
  • Order of events in the day

Sample Schedule

  • Calendar (5 minutes)
    • Change pieces on the calendar
    • Talk about the order of events for the day

  • The Arts (10 minutes)
    • Music (singing and instruments)
    • Poem of the week

  • Reading Writing (10 minutes)
    • Recite sounds of letters using flashcards
    • Letter of the day
      • Sounds
      • Tracing
      • Building

  • Math (10 minutes)
  • Extra (15 minutes)
    • Craft project
    • Independent work
      • Puzzles
      • Fine motor skill work
      • Reading

  • Story Time (10 minutes)

So that's what I have come up with so far!  Just like I learned in my mid-year review, I'm sure I have aimed too high or two low in many of these categories, but this at least gives me some place to start.  I know I will have to adjust my expectations as he approaches 3 years old and then again later in the year.  I've probably also completely missed some important category of learning all together!  I'd love any input you might have to help steer me in a good direction!  If you have any favorite books, puzzles, toys, music, etc. for a 3 year old, please leave a comment.  I would love to hear your ideas or learn from your experience!


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