Friday, February 25, 2011

Preschool: Week 11

Day 1 - Theme: Moon

  • Color the moon coloring page
  • Talk about vocabulary word "full-moon"
  • Make a moon cake and talk about "full-moon" and "crescent-moon"
  • Recite "Hey Diddle Diddle"
  • Sing "Hey Diddle Diddle" while jumping over the moon

Day 2 - Letter: "K"
  • Color letter "K" coloring page
  • Talk about the sound the letter "K" makes
  • Talk about words that start with the letter "K" (Trevor came up with Kate, kite, and kitten)
  • Scrabble spelling: "go" "no" and "so"   (we reviewed this the rest of the week)

Day 3 - Number "11"
        ***I was excited to notice a great improvement in Trevor's "numbers" ability these past two weeks.  Just a few weeks ago he was really struggling to get all the numbers in the right order when counting.  He now zips right through them (up to about 15) without a thought.  Also, a couple of weeks ago he was frustrating me to no end when I wanted him to put together his number puzzle.  He just wouldn't put it together even though it is well within his abilities.  He would stack the numbers, push them off the table, ignore them, or whatever, but he wouldn't put them in the puzzle.  This week it took him a minute and a half to complete the whole puzzle.  I was happy to see a greater ability to focus and follow directions.

Day 4 - Shape: Crescent
  • Look at the crescent coloring page
  • Talk about the shape "crescent"
  • Practice tracing a curved line

Day 5 - Review
  • Review concepts from this week while putting the pages into the school binder

Happy Learning!

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