Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lesson Plan : Week 13

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Posts Detailing Activities From This Week:

It's so nice to be back on schedule this week after our sick week last week!  If you look closely, you'll notice something different on Friday for math.  Last week one of our facebook followers shared with us her website, FUNancial Literacy, which is a site dedicated to teaching children to be responsible with money.  I checked out the site and it looks great!  They are still working on putting it all together, but one thing that is ready (and free!) is a short story with coloring pages geared for the youngest of children.  The story is called Saving Salvatore and is about a squirrel and what he does with his acorns.  The message is simple, but clear and profound, seemingly perfect for the preschool crowd =)   I'm excited to give it a try with my kids!  We already practice the principles that this website teaches, but I think my 3 yr old will be able to really understand the cute story of Saving Salvatore and my 1 yr old will love coloring the pictures!

What are you doing this week with your children?

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