Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January Recap

It's a new year and I thought I'd start doing something new.  Each month I plan on doing a little recap by thanking the top three sites that referred visitors to Living and Learning at Home, highlighting the three most popular posts of the month (in case you missed one!), and sharing a post from another website that either encouraged or inspired me in some way.  I hope you enjoy!

Top 3 Refering Sites:
  1. Homeschool Creations (Preschool Corner Link-Up)
  2. Preschool Powol Packets (Teach Me Tuesday Link-Up)
  3. No Time For Flashcards (Link & Learn)
Each of these blogs has a great link-up party each week where bloggers from all over share great ideas.  If you're not familiar with one of them, check it out!  I am sure you will leave inspired =)

Top 3 Posts here at Living and Learning at Home:
  1. Paper Hats and Cute Corner Bookmarks
  2. Valentine's Wreath For The Birds
  3. Science Activity: Frozen Fruit
 If you happened to miss any of these posts, take a minute to check them out!  I hope you won't be disappointed =)

Featured Blog Post:

Now for a post that encouraged me this month, I encourage you to head over to Lizzy's Nest and read her article The "Me Time" Lie.  As homeschooling moms (and really any mom!) by definition we don't naturally get very much "me time."  I was greatly encouraged my Lizzy's perspective on this and hope that you will be too!

I hope you had a.....Happy January!

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  1. Amy, thank you for your link to my blog. I am glad my post was an encouragement to you. I just took a look around your blog. You have some wonderful ideas and resources. I have just become your newest follower.


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words...and thank you for following!


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