Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ancient Greece Resources for the Grammar Stage

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Will you be studying Ancient Greece this year?  Here are some of the resources that we've been usingThese are mostly living books that teach while telling a story.  We have a lot more to learn about this time period, so hopefully I will have a second list to share with you later.  Enjoy!

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Favorite Ancient Greece Living Books

My son really enjoyed being able to read this book himself.  It is a great way to introduce a classic to your children before they are able to tackle the original.  I made some notebooking pages to go along with this book that you can download for free if you are interested.


This is a wonderful activity book to go along with your Ancient Greece and Rome studies.  There is even a little bit of teaching to go along with the activities.  No matter what history curriculum you are using, this is a must-have for adding in a little fun!

Another great children's version of a classic.  We read this after learning about the Trojan War.  The pictures in this version are wonderful and will fill your child's imagination!  This version is quite long and really will prepare your child for reading Homer's original Odyssey.

You can't study Ancient Greece without reading some Aesop's Fables!  We are reading this Aesop for Children version by Milo Winter.  It is fun and easy to read one or two of these short fables during breakfast or anytime in the day!  This version is a part of both the Young Readers and Ancient Greece Curricula at Heritage History. 

This is a wonderful story about a boy growing up in Ancient Greece.  We learned so much by reading this, although it just felt like we were reading a story!  This book is also a part of both the Young Readers and Ancient Greece Curricula at Heritage History.

Heritage History Giveaway!

As you can tell, we have loved reading our books from Heritage History!  They have many books related to Ancient Greece and also other periods of history.  If you are not familiar with them, you can check out their website or read my review of them.  In short, they offer an incredible number of e-books that pertain to all periods in history.  They are wonderful, classic stories, reformatted for easy viewing on your computer or e-reader.  I love to print them out and bind them into physical books to read to my children.


I am excited to share that today you can enter to win your own curriculum or library set from Heritage History! ($24.99 value!)

Giveaway is open from August 2nd through midnight on August 8th.  Winner must respond within 48 hours of being notified.  Please use the form below to enter!


  1. Hi, just waving hello for that extra entry. :o) Definitely something I would love to have.

  2. My daughter is studying ancient history and this prize would be great!

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  4. Looks great and would love to own. Thanks.

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    Elizabeth S.

  6. Still searching for a good history program, I'd love to win this one! Thanks!

  7. Love this give away. Thanks. My 9yo would enjoy this.

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  10. I keep entering different giveaways for Heritage History. One of these days I will win...soon I hope!

  11. I keep entering giveaways for Heritage History CDs. One of these days I might even win!

  12. My mother-in-law just returned from Greece and we'll be studying Ancient Greece next year. These would be great resources for our family. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

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  14. Thanks for entering, everyone! I'm so happy to see that everyone is excited about Heritage History! And a big congrats to the winner, Kadonna!


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